WWE: The WWE Universe Versus the Creative Team: Who Really Knows Best?

Jessica EberleContributor IIIDecember 5, 2011

“The Creative Team is to blame for the decrease in ratings and DVD sales.”

Those were words that came directly from the mouth of Chairman Vincent Kennedy McMahon in early 2010 after the reaction to WrestleMania was less than spectacular. He declared that there would be a change in the WWE Creative Team. The last time I checked, the career opportunity for the creative writer and writer’s assistant are still open to anyone with experience—and a BS that is. Believe me I have tried many times and always received the same letter telling me that I was not qualified. Looking past all the education and experience could show that there is true talent in someone they are passing up. Who is better qualified for the job than a talented writer who just happens to be a WWE enthusiast?

That leads me to my point for this article. What would it be like if a selected group of WWE fans were the Creative Team? The WWE could request fans from the United States (for cost purposes) to send in writing samples. They could place guidelines and tell you what they wanted to receive from you. Then on the deadline WWE would choose a certain number of fans that they found to be creative, talented in creative writing and knowledgeable about the WWE. The selected few would get to replace the Creative Team for a set amount of days and see how the ratings go.

Fans are the only ones who know what other aficionados want to see happen with the shows. The WWE has said that they won’t accept ideas for story lines from the fans. They are ignoring what we, the viewers, are longing to see. Why are we shut out when the WWE is supposedly all about the WWE Universe?