New York Giants: 5 Keys to Beating the Dallas Cowboys

Ryan SimonCorrespondent IIDecember 6, 2011

New York Giants: 5 Keys to Beating the Dallas Cowboys

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    If the New York Giants play anywhere near the level they played against the Green Bay Packers this Sunday night, the Dallas Cowboys are in for a long night. 

    Whether they do or not remains to be seen, but the G-men have five very reasonable keys they need to hit if they want to keep their playoff hopes alive in the NFC East this Sunday.

    The term "must-win" has been tossed around a lot the last month, but this game is truly a must win and there's no other way around it. 

Get Pressure on Tony Romo

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    I'm not just talking about sacks, I'm talking about actual pressure on Tony Romo.

    I want him scrambling in the pocket, I want him to see Romo throw the ball away and I want to see Romo throw the ball off his back foot.

    Sacks are nice too, but Romo needs to feel the pressure from the New York Giants pass rush. 

Give Eli Manning Time in the Pocket

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    The New York Giants managed to do this to some degree against the Green Bay Packers, and it almost won them the game.

    Eli Manning is a pocket passer. You won't see him extending the play very often, so it's important to get him the appropriate time in the pocket. 

    Less throwing off the back foot, and more throws in strides to his receivers will do Manning a lot of good some Sunday.

Establish the Running Game Early

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    The running game helps the passing game, and the passing game helps the running game.

    The New York Giants knew this back in 2007, and they need a little wake up call in 2011. 

    The Dallas Cowboys allow over 100 yards on the ground a game on average, and hitting that number will be crucial if the G-Men want to knock the Cowboys off sole possession of first place.

Take Shots Downfield

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    Travis Beckum, Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz all got passes that went for over 50 yards last Sunday and the New York Giants almost beat the Green Bay Packers...let's get some more of that going this Sunday. 

    The Dallas Cowboys secondary only ranks 14th against the pass, so it's not too out of reach to expose them a little. 

    The Giants secondary hasn't been phenomenal either, but let's not get into that...

Tom Coughlin

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    Tom Coughlin will make or break the New York Giants playoff chances this season.

    I've been consistent in saying that he's done a great job this season given all the injuries, but he has to do more if he wants the Giants to take the next step and actually make the playoffs. 

    He needs to put his foot down and change the way the game is being played, on either side of the ball if the assigned coordinator isn't doing his job the way Colonel Coughlin sees fit.