WWE: 10 Reasons John Morrison's Run Ended the Right Way

Robert Aitken@@RobertAitkenBRAnalyst IDecember 6, 2011

WWE: 10 Reasons John Morrison's Run Ended the Right Way

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    Last night's episode of RAW was the first in the post-John Morrison Era for WWE as the show officially released the superstar from his contract last week. His release was even acknowledged by WWE on RAW last night, mentioning Morrison by name and literally stating that he was released by the company.

    There was even a tweet from the RAW GM Twitter account which mentioned Morrison and linked to the Future Endeavored t-shirt.

    Reports have surfaced that Morrison does not have a no-compete clause, meaning that he can sign elsewhere immediately. Before the focus can shift there, JoMoSapiens all around the world are still trying to gather their thoughts about the last appearance in WWE by their favorite superstar.

    As fans of Morrison grow more and more angry at John Laurinitus's mention of Morrison in the last segment of RAW last night, here are 10 reasons that the way it ended for the Monday Night Delight in the right way.

He Didn't Just Get Ambushed

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    Well, he did. But it wasn't an ambush backstage and Morrison actually got to compete in one more match. This easily could have been an injury write-off with no match actually happening, which has written superstars off in the past. At least Morrison was given a little bit of toughness by refusing to not compete.

    It showed some desire on Morrison's part, something that would have probably saved his job if it was seen more in the ring, as well as seen in production meetings.

His Last Match Was Against The Miz

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    A wrestler's last opponent often says something about a superstar's tenure with the company. If it has some special meaning to the superstar, there will likely be someone significant as the final opponent.

    Whether it is a former tag team partner, a long-time rival or simply a personal friend backstage, that all can be factored into a final opponent. For John Morrison, it was factored in with the selection of The Miz as the opponent.

    The Miz was a fellow Tough Enough alum that was very friendly with Morrison. The two were one of the better tag teams in recent years, winning multiple championships together. That relationship became a rivalry once they split. It was the only logical choice for a good last match, especially when the two led off the year of action on WWE television.

    This shows a nice separation between the two sides.

Morrison Was Not Actually Pinned

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    Again, you couldn't ask much more for this from a Morrison standpoint. He never actually lost the last match officially.

    At least he wasn't pinned anyway.

    Morrison showed toughness and eventually had to have the match stopped because he could no longer compete. It resembled a UFC fight when the referee tries to protect the injured fighter.

    Fans joked that the ref was protecting Morrison from the damage given by a pinfall cover since it seemed to be The Miz's next move, but the lack of an official pinfall was a nice thing they seemed to work in at the last minute.

He Got to Get Extreme One More Time

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    The former ECW Champion was able to use weapons one more time in WWE when he brought a kendo stick into the match. It helped to even out the damage from the ambush, but would ultimately help in the demise of Morrison.

    It was a nice way to show a tribute to the old ECW brand with one of their old champions. It was the championship that likely saved Morrison's career, transitioning him from Johnny Nitro to John Morrison. It was the only major championship that Morrison would hold in WWE.

    It would be the only place where Morrison would regularly get a main event match.

    It also was the place where The Miz and John Morrison would begin to be a team.

It Brought Relevance Back to Miz's Career

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    The Miz has had a hectic last couple of months. After losing the WWE Championship earlier this year, The Miz feuded with Alex Riley, his former ally, and began to align with R-Truth, his former enemy.

    Awesome Truth was fired, but rehired weeks later after the duo disrupted multiple matches including championship matches inside Hell in a Cell. They would be reinstated, but would be shown a lesson at Survivor Series by The Rock and John Cena.

    Now with R-Truth serving suspension, The Miz needed to become something important once more. They used his built up frustration and allowed The Miz to become dangerous once again.

    Morrison's departure did not go wasted, just like how his roster spot will go to an FCW superstar or one of the returning stars (Masked Kane, the person behind "It Begins").

Morrison Chose Love over Stardom

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    The big reason that John Morrison is not on the WWE roster anymore, as well as why he likely never became world champion, is because he chose his relationship with Melina over his career in WWE.

    Many of his moves and pushes had Melina involved and any issues with her likely cost Morrison over the years. There were even times that Morrison was punished for Melina's mistakes, much like how Drew McIntyre took the punishment from Tiffany.

    Morrison would end up defending Melina, who he met during tryouts for Tough Enough. I'll leave the urban legends regarding these two out of this article, but rest assured that many fans believe that Melina was the Yoko Ono that broke up John Morrison's chances at greatness.

    After all that Morrison did to protect her, he didn't deserve a better send off than what he got.

John Couldn't Be a Company Guy

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    The most infamous moment of defending Melina came around WrestleMania. Morrison was in a match at the event with Snooki from Jersey Shore and Diva legend Trish Stratus.

    Melina was upset that she wasn't in the match and Morrison proceeded to give the now-infamous cold shoulder to Stratus backstage. The trio were faces and Melina was clearly a heel in the eyes of the WWE Universe, so the match would not have made sense with Melina involved. Morrison stuck his neck out for his girlfriend and was put into the proverbial dog house.

    Nine months later, Morrison is out of a job.

    Just look at a guy like The Miz, who had to have feuds with Alex Riley and Jerry Lawler in the past year. It clearly wasn't what he wanted to do, but it had to be done. Being a company guy means doing what is best for the product.

    If you do something wrong and they give you bad storylines or gimmicks, you press forward with it so you can be rewarded at the end. Morrison never understood that, so WWE never owed him anything in the end.

He Could Never Quite Connect with the Upper Card

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    It seemed as if every single time that Morrison was close to breaking out, he would plateau. For as high as his rocket ship could go, Morrison never figured out how to break through the glass ceiling. His in-ring ability was certainly unique, leading to many of his fans hopping on his bandwagon.

    If it was time for Morrison to show his stuff in the main event, he never seemed to really deliver in the same way. Morrison wiggled out of WWE outside of the main event for most of the year, despite starting 2011 off with a WWE Championship match.

    That doesn't happen too often, which probably can tell you how much of an opportunity he wasted.

His Microphone Skills Suffered

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    A main knock on Morrison was his microphone skills. His humor showed during The Dirt Sheet, the show on WWE.com he had with The Miz. However, when it came to hyping a match in the ring, Morrison never really brought it.

    He had his moments with feuds against the likes of Dolph Ziggler, The Miz and Drew McIntyre. Morrison never sustained much momentum with the microphone, an essential aspect to truly making it. His back and forth in London with R-Truth before R-Truth turned heel was just painful. What is worse is that what we saw was edited. Just imagine what the crowd in England suffered through.

    You can't teach an old dog new tricks. Eventually, you can't teach a wrestler how to talk anymore. WWE lost their patience and that was it.

No Progress in Nine Years

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    John Morrison came into the crosshairs of WWE in 2002, when he competed on Tough Enough. From being Eric Bischoff's apprentice (where the Johnny Nitro name started) to one half of MNM and then becoming John Morrison, there was little actual growth in the character. Morrison pretty much floated around, only to show his potential just enough to stay relevant.

    Morrison was like the kid who joked around in your math class in high school, but was actually very smart. He did just enough to be average, but had the ability to do much better. There was just no effort by Morrison when the world was waiting for him to show it.

    Even in baseball, teams keep prized players on their team for a few years. If the guy never gets significantly better, it might be time to cut him loose.

    This was the time for WWE to cut him loose.

    Morrison did not deserve another contract with the lack of consistent effort he was putting out and it was time to cut ties. They did him a favor by not burying him, but even when they spoke badly on him last night on RAW, did the bad Tampa crowd seem to really care? Were there a lot of boos to Laurinitus for bringing it up? That shows his true impact with the fans after nearly a decade in front of them.

    He's only 32 and a comeback to WWE isn't out of the question. My advice to John Morrison if he returns to WWE: be humble, be a company guy, make every move and word count and do it for yourself.

    That will save your last moment in WWE from being what we saw a week ago.