WWE NXT: They Are Supposed to Be the Next Generation?

Jessica EberleContributor IIIDecember 5, 2011

Whatever happened to NXT being the next generation of superstars?

Season 1 of NXT was supposed to be welcoming the new generation of superstars into the WWE. They announced a winner and he was to win a WWE contract and title match at any time. The winner was announced and it was the Brutal Brit Wade Barrett. Wade went onto receive the WWE contract, but then the other seven also received contracts.

Why even have the competitions if you are not going to make the winner feel special? Wade received his title match, but of course it was a 6-Pack Challenge, which was unfair to him. Wade has yet to win a major title, which to me is a slap in the face for winning.

Season 2 had a good run with the fans and with the end being Kaval winning it all. Kaval received his championship match and then went on to face Dolph Ziggler one time before being removed from the company. Kaval never received another match for any title that he deserved.

Season 3 was to bring a new Diva to the WWE. This time we had girls brought up to compete from FCW. The girls had to compete in ridiculous competitions to prove they were worthy. In the end, it was Vickie’s rookie, Kaitlyn, who was victorious. She is now hardly ever seen in the ring and instead is backstage or on the outside of the ring cheering on her partner. Kaitlyn has never received a Diva’s Championship match and is barely seen on the Smackdown brand.

Season 4 saw new rookies brought to the TV screens across the world. Johnny Curtis came through at the end to win with his pro, R-Truth. Johnny has been seen on Smackdown in little promos and has yet to really shine in the ring. He has been in battle royals, only to be eliminated early in those matches.

Now we have Season 5 going on with the title of NXT Redemption. The season consists of six rookies chosen from all previous non-Diva seasons returning to compete for a spot in the sixth season of NXT alongside a WWE Superstar of their choice as their pro for that season. Derrick Bateman, Darren Young and Titus O’Neil are all presently in the competition. They will await their chance to be in the WWE and receive their title match. But you have to wonder if they will receive what they expect, or will they be left in the back while others receive their prize?

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