Oklahoma Sooners: Love 'Em or Hate 'Em, We Always Watch Them!

Ron StilesCorrespondent IDecember 26, 2008

I began my day by doing two things this morning. (No, it had nothing to do with my bodily functions, bloggers.) 

The first was to search through the Internet for anything positive about the Sooners. The second was to fix and drink my coffee while I searched. Also a good counter agent for Texas bloggers.

I ran across an article on the most watched football games of the 2008 season on the Sporting News electronic edition. While the article never mentioned Oklahoma by name, the stats said it all.

Love 'em or hate 'em, Bob Stoops and his team were the most watched team in 2008, and being in the national championship game will only make those numbers better. The Sooners were in four of the top 10 televised games in 2008 before the national championship game.

To make this like a playoff, we will go with the top eight teams. Obama said we should.

Penn State and Ohio State tied at eighth with 10.361 million viewers. (Same game lots of viewers.)

The surprise at No. 7 is Florida, with 15 million (I thought it would be higher.)

 Number 6 is Oklahoma State with 18 million. (Yes, they are that good.)

 Longhorn fans are at No. 5, almost 20 million. (I can't think of why they're so low, but I'm sure they will tell me how they were cheated later.)

No. 4: USC! Over 20 million. (And you said they were underrated.)

No. 3 Alabama brought the tide with 23 mill. (Faithful fan base.)

Texas Tech was second, with 31 million. (Who went to the Fiesta?)

You know who the No. 1 is! You just want to read the numbers! Thirty-six million, 746 thousand TV viewers tuned in to watch the Sooners win or lose this year. (Does this help Texas and Tebow understand just why Oklahoma got the nod?)

There is a reason that Oklahoma puts up those numbers. Win or lose, love or hate, year in and year out, Bob Stoops has been good. He has been damn good. The press knows it, the coaches know it, the BCS knows it, and the players this year will as well.