Chicago Bulls: Yet Another Dream Scenario of Transactions

Jonathan PowellContributor IIIDecember 5, 2011

Chicago Bulls: Yet Another Dream Scenario of Transactions

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    Yes, I had the audacity to write another one.

    This article's predecessor received a decent amount of feedback; none good, all bad. That is perfectly okay, that's exactly why we're here, constructive debate.

    This hypothetical sequence of events is a slightly more aggressive approach on how Chicago Bulls' owner Jerry Reinsdorf can obtain his seventh NBA championship ring.

    Don't worry Chicagoans, there is absolutely no mention of signing either Brett Favre or Donovan McNabb in this scenario. 

Utilize the Amnesty Clause on Carlos Boozer

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    As you might have already noticed as stated in previous articles, Carlos Boozer's performance last season was a big disappointment to me. 

    Instead of hoping he earns his money this season, the Bulls should utilize this magical new tool of the retooled CBA called the amnesty clause, and cut their loses...literally.

    This move would clear up some much needed cap space for the Bulls to put towards players that head coach Tom Thibodeau will actually trust on the court, in crunch time of elimination games in the Eastern Conference Finals.

    Also, if the Bulls go deep in the playoffs this season, why risk another Boozer attempt at rapping.

Trade for Dwight Howard

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    This is the game changer.

    Dwight and D-Rose are already teammates by endorsing Adidas, why not make the marriage complete.

    Hopefully, if the Orlando Magic consider trading Howard, they will be looking towards the future and rebuilding their team. Rebuilding would require draft picks, and that would have to be the bulk of the deal if the Bulls were able to pull it off.

    I could see the Bulls packaging starting center Joakim Noah, reserve guard Ronnie Brewer, and maybe two future first round picks.

    This could work out good for the Magic, because dumping your superstar before the season starts might guarantee them a head start in the upcoming Jared Sullinger/Harrison Barnes lottery in 2012.

Sign David West

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    David West is an All-Star caliber power forward, so it might be far-fetched for someone to believe that the Bulls could afford him.

    This part of the plan is banking on the fact that West is coming off a major injury, and that could lower his asking price. It also might be easier to sign him with Derrick Rose and Dwight Howard waiting at the Berto Center to practice with him.

    Caution: this signing only works if there is another inside presence like Dwight Howard already in place. It would be unwise to put a heavy workload on a player coming off of a big injury.

Sign Tracy McGrady or Vince Carter

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    This is a move that I'm not really sold on, or in love with, but if the other pieces fall into place either move might be a necessary fix.

    If the Bulls were able to pull off the Howard and West transactions, the need for a elite shooting guard would minimize immensely.

    Carter or McGrady should be signed at a relatively low price, or at least cheaper than an Aaron Afflalo or Nick Young. With a potential front court of Deng, West and Howard, neither would be expected to do much or play extended minutes, so it would be a signing I could deal with...for now.


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    This imaginary sequence of events should garner a little more support than the last one, especially with Luol Deng staying and Dwight Howard coming.

    You can read the last scenario here.

    Which lineup do you think would work better?