25 Most Hilarious Celebration Fails in Sports

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25 Most Hilarious Celebration Fails in Sports

There's nothing wrong with athletes, or anyone else for that matter, celebrating their achievements. Just remember that an overzealous celebration can turn your moment of glory into a lifetime of regret unless you know the following:

1. It ain't over till it's over: I know you're excited, but have you already crossed the finish line? That three-point shot that gave you the lead was amazing, but did you actually hear a buzzer? Do not get ahead of yourself. 

2. Your limits: Were you able to a backflip from a standing position this morning? If the answer is no, there's not much chance the touchdown you just scored will change that.  

3. The value of a proportional response: I know you just laid out the quarterback, but examine your surroundings. Is this a vital play in an important game with potential to influence the outcome or is this a garbage play late in a game that your team is down three or more scores? Those should be two very different celebrations. 

4. What goes around comes around: You can have fun, but be respectful. If you celebrate success by enthusiastically disrespecting people, then people will celebrate your failures by enthusiastically disrespecting you. 

Here are 25 Hilarious Sports Celebration Fails that could have been avoided had they had the benefit of my vast wisdom. 

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