The Ugly Hall of Fame, 2008: Athletes, Coaches, and Commentators Who Scare Us

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The Ugly Hall of Fame, 2008: Athletes, Coaches, and Commentators Who Scare Us

The year 2008 is coming to a close, and it’s time for the Ugly Hall of Fame. This list includes athletes, coaches, and commentators that have the potential to scare any of us.

After the long hard process of testing and selecting, we have finally brought the selection down to a small list. More like the FBI’s most wanted.

At times, we tested the pictures by showing them to young children, and then selected each picture according to the loudest yell by the unlucky participates. We took careful notes , and analyzed all the information while shuddering with extreme fear.

Some of the pictures caused violent reactions, and even convulsions. We even showed some elderly people the pictures, but this caused one person to grab their chest and drop dead after seeing a picture of Marshawn Lynch.

We realized that this project might be more than we could handle. But we pressed on despite the disgust, terror and repugnance. This job isn’t cool, but someone has to do it. Fighting off fits of extreme nervousness, panic, depression, revulsion, etc., we finally finished this awful task.

I wouldn’t recommend looking at any of these picture if you have a history of heart problems. Please don’t buy any Fat Head replicas of these individuals either. It could cause serious problems if you woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and saw these hideous creatures lurking in the shadows.

These pictures are no joke, so please use extreme caution when viewing this slide show, and make sure all your lights are on as well.

Get ready for the most horrific journey you will ever take. Each step you take just might be your last, so be careful, don't be scared & don't stop until you get to the end!

!!!! SCARED YET !!!!

By: Charles J Asbury II

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