Super Bowl XLII: Heartbreak for the Ages

Thomas GuertinContributor IFebruary 15, 2008

I haven't been able to read anything about the Patriots since the loss.

I was so sure they could do it. I am a broken man. I can only describe what I felt when the Pats lost—and to New York, of all teams.

I was devastated.

It felt like my life ended, like there was nothing to live for. I was sure the end of the world was coming.

But I learned a good lesson.

Football is just a game. It is great when your team is on top. It stinks when they loose. In the end life will go on, but some times we forget this.

I realized after the Patriots lost that my life was going to continue. That my son still loved me, my family was still here for me, and the most important thing to remember: THERE IS STILL NEXT YEAR.

The best thing about sports is the pain is only there for the offseason, and then we are right back in the mix of it again.

So remember, as hard as it was to watch my team lose, we will be right back on track next season.

So until then, I will say to the Patriots: We are proud of what you have done and will always be behind you.