WWE Rumors: A New WWE Championship Design on the Horizon?

Colonel SteeleAnalyst IDecember 5, 2011

For the past few weeks, various sources within the company have been dropping hints on a new rendition of the WWE Championship. However, this has been something that the fans have been requesting since 2008, maybe even before then.

It was originally introduced when John Cena won the belt for the first time, and the plan was that it would just be a stylized version for Cena only. At the time, the main piece of the title actually spun round. The Championship was, at first, bearable, as it was a gimmicky little prop that fit right in with Cena's persona. It wasn't expected to last anywhere near as long as it has.

At one point, it was restyled to suit Edge, with the logo on the spinner switched with the Ultimate Opportunist's "Rated R" emblem. Upon Cena regaining the title, it was reverted back to the initial bling belt. After a while, it became a stationary title which in turn made it redundant, but somehow the ugly eyesore is still being paraded around the ring today.

A few months ago, CM Punk began commenting on the design, arguing that he thinks it's outlived its purpose and suggesting that a new style should be brought in. It was that which sparked a sudden "riot" of sorts for a new belt, with the WWE's official Facebook and Twitter being flooded with requests.

Very recently, not only did Punk back up his statement, but two other main event talents revealed that they too wanted a change. John Cena, the innovator of the title, was quoted saying the following:

I have thought that for three years. Either classic or new, it needs a change.

This quote was posted on WWE.com as part of the "Bring It Back" article. It's definitely surprising, as the man who brought this belt about has seemingly been sick of it for longer than many other people have. However, he does not seem to be as negative about it as compared to CM Punk and the other main-eventer, The Miz, both of whom were also quoted in the news piece.

CM Punk goes straight out with his hatred for the belt, claiming it's undignified and ridiculous, whereas The Miz keeps it to his usual snarky attitude, calmly mentioning how NBA players and other sportsmen lift the World Heavyweight Championship after winning silverware instead of the promotion's so-called "top belt." He does, however, make a remark on it's resemblance to a toy belt.

There has been no official word from the WWE on whether or not a new championship design is in the pipeline, or even if a classic one is set to make its return (a la Cody Rhodes with his Intercontinental title). However, the majority of people with a thing or two to say about the belt seem to agree that a traditional design, such as the Eagle design used prior to Cena's victory, would be the best option.