Chicago Bears' Jay Cutler out for the Regular Season, but Engagement's Back on

Liz FromentContributor IIDecember 5, 2011

OAKLAND, CA - NOVEMBER 27:  Injured starting quarterback Jay Cutler of the Chicago Bears stands on the sideline during their game against the Oakland Raiders  at Coliseum on November 27, 2011 in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Maybe it was Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler's devastating thumb injury that brought about reconciliation with former Laguna Beach and Dancing with the Stars reality star Kristin Cavallari nursing him back to health. 

Or perhaps a long standing reconciliation had already taken place and the announcement tweet just happened to go out right after Cutler was sidelined.

But, the engagement is back on.

This isn't the first time the couple has been engaged, according to reports, Cutler unceremoniously "dumped her out of nowhere" back in July, after the NFL lockout was lifted, after first popping the question in April 2011.

Now that Cutler will be potentially out the rest of the season rehabbing from thumb surgery on his throwing hand after trying to tackle the San Diego Chargers' Antoine Cason after a Cutler interception, he and Cavallari can move forward with the engagement.

Thankfully, though, for nervous Chicago Bears fans, Cutler will be keeping his mind on the field and not on the nuptials:

"I don't really make a lot of decisions," the Chicago Bears quarterback, 28, said on the Waddle & Silvy ESPN radio show Wednesday. "I hear about them in passing or if I have to possibly write a check or something like that, but other than that, whatever she wants to do, I'm on board."

In the meantime, Cutler will be working on his thumb in rehab and hoping for an all-clear from his medical staff in order to take the field before the season runs out.