5 Reasons Daniel Bryan Could Be a Great WWE World Champion

George SeligaCorrespondent IDecember 7, 2011

5 Reasons Daniel Bryan Could Be a Great WWE World Champion

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    Daniel Bryan is quickly emerging as one of the bright stars in the WWE. He first appeared in the WWE show NXT and quickly emerged as a star.

    So far, he has held the United States Championship and the Money in the Bank briefcase which he could cash in at anytime to get a shot for the World Heavyweight Championship. Here are five reasons why Daniel Bryan could be a great Heavyweight Champion.

Shows Potential

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    The WWE does a great job of producing superstars. Daniel Bryan is another athlete that is getting molded into a potential wrestling star. He has a solid look to him and is a very good technical wrestler.

    He is solid with the microphone which is key when building up a character. Bryan has all of the qualities that makes a star in the wrestling business.

Great Wrestling Ability

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    Daniel Bryan shows solid wrestling ability. He isn't the biggest, fastest or strongest but he gets the job done. He has shown that he can fight and beat some of the biggest wrestlers in the business.

    If Bryan can add a little more muscle and develop his wrestling skills a little more, he can become one of the best wrestlers in the WWE.

Character That Can Grow

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    Daniel Bryan has a very likeable character. When stars are made in the WWE universe, a good part of them stems from their attitude and character.

    If the writers can develop a good feud and story line for Bryan, it could help him grow into a star and get him opportunities to become a World Heavyweight Champion.

Marketable Wrestler

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    Daniel Bryan has a look that can be marketed my the WWE. He can be a great spokesperson for the WWE like John Cena was for a very long time.

    Within a year or two, Bryan will generate a big fan base and become one of the best stars in the wrestling business. if the WWE decides to turn his character into a star, the sky is the limit for Daniel Bryan.

All-Around Wrestler

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    Daniel Bryan can do it all. He is a solid performer and very athletic. He is exciting to watch and is growing into a fan favorite.

    If the WWE chooses to expand on Bryan's character, he has the potential to be a superstar in the making. Bryan can rise in the ranks of the Heavyweights in the WWE and make a good run to become the Heavyweight Champion.