WWE News: How the John Laurinaitis Character Can Be Bigger Than Vince McMahon

George SeligaCorrespondent IDecember 5, 2011

John Laurinaitis is turning into the new Vince McMahon. He was announced as the new Raw general manager in mid-October and has been very inconsistent with his actions. Vince McMahon was either loved or hated by the crowd, and Laurinaitis is following directly in his footsteps.


Both men exude a lot of power in and out of the ring. Ever since Laurinaitis was given the general manager position on Raw, he has been showing off that power. A perfect example would be when he fired and then rehired good ole Jim Ross. It seems as if Laurinaitis is now taking over where McMahon has left off.

Very Up and Down

John Laurinaitis is already more inconsistent than Vince McMahon. Vince was a fan-favorite for quite some time, and then he would change and be booed for a while. Laurinaitis is very tough to read, and he just seems to change his role whenever he wants to.

Everyone was disappointed when he let Jim Ross go, but then he brought him back. It was a complete surprise to everyone, and it just shows that he is tougher to like and dislike than McMahon.

He is turning into the head authority in the WWE, and it is going to be interesting to see what kind of manager he will be. He has shown the ability to side with the fan-favorites, but at the same time, he has shown glimpses of being hated by the WWE universe. The more Laurinaitis gets involved with the WWE, people will slowly forget about McMahon, and the focus and attention will drift toward Laurinaitis.