49ers Should Hire Singletary But The NFL's Interim Coach Hiring Rules Are Unfair

Mets PoliceSenior Analyst IDecember 25, 2008

I love the San Francisco 49ers. I believe interim coach Mike Singletary has done a fine job with the group of players that has been handed to him. It looks like he's laid a solid foundation for the 2009 season.  I'm excited to see that the 49ers want to do officially for example removing the interim tag and putting Singletary as the head coach.

What does bother me is the NFL's Rooney Rule which requires teams to interview minority candidates.

Since Coach Singletary is a minority, the 49ers can go ahead and hire him without interviewing other candidates. Earlier this year the Rams wanted to hire Jim Haslett (then off to a promising start under Haslett) but were not able to do that because of the rule.

Haslett and Singletary had the same opportunity this season.   If the Rams still want Haslett they shoudln't have to go through the charade of interviewing minorities, wasting their time, and then making the same decision they were already going to make in hiring Haslett.

Meanwhile in San Francisco, why should Singletary be allowed to get the job without the 49ers interviewing other candidates?  Maybe there's someone even more qualified - why shouldn't that person be given a fair chance to beat out Singletary for the job?   That candidate should have the same chance to get the 49ers job as the Rams job.

I understand why the rule was created, but it's 2008. I think the country has moved on (see recent election). It's time the NFL do so too and let teams hire whoever they want.