The New York Giants Should Play Everyone This Sunday, Period

Michael SamuelSenior Analyst IDecember 25, 2008

"You play the game to win the game"- Herman Edwards, the former New York Jets coach.

This is what Giants head coach Tom Coughlin will have to debate on the moments up to the Giants' 1 PM game in Minnesota.

The decision to me is easy: Play everyone who isn't injured. There is nothing to be gained by not playing those who are healthy enough to play. Last year, the Giants were able to gain motivation that they were able to play and beat the top teams including the Cowboys, Packers, and Patriots.

This season, the Giants seemed like they were going to limp into the playoffs until the wind swirled John Kasay's 50 yard potential game-winning field goal away from the goal posts. The Giants have a bye week to rest all of the guys who just want a game to rest.

Also, Eli Manning in his career has thrown two touchdown passes with eight interceptions against the Minnesota Vikings. If the Giants could try and eliminate them from the playoffs, it will give them one less threat along their road to Tampa.

Just something to consider while you finish up on those Christmas leftovers.