WWE Opinion: Has a John Cena Heel Turn Finally Been Set in Motion?

Vandie BarnardContributor IIIDecember 7, 2011

John Cena is the most polarizing figure to ever grace sports entertainment. With every time he steps through the curtain, the passion of the WWE Universe flows all through the stadium. The second his familiar theme hits, the arena echoes with a chorus of cheers that are met with an equal amount of boos.

A couple weeks ago, we witnessed WWE Hall of Famer "Hot Rod" Rowdy Roddy Piper slap Cena across the face, telling him to once and for all tell the fans how he feels about their mixed reaction towards him. In typical Cena fashion, we saw him turn the other cheek and "rise above hate." Time after time, we look for any little sign, any glimmer of light that would suggest a Cena heel turn is on the way. With recent happenings on Raw, is a heel turn now in motion for Cena?

This past Monday on Raw, Cena earned himself some brownie points by giving up his shot at the WWE Championship to give Zack Ryder an opportunity at Dolph Ziggler's US Championship. This, I would say, went over well with most fans.

The question is, do we all expect that the mixed reactions, slaps to the face that make some want to take away his man card and loss of title opportunities to get to Cena will put him over the edge?

I say no, it does not. Cena will not turn heel. Cena creates a reaction that has not been seen before in the history of the business. As it goes, "The kids and women scream for him, those over 18 despise him." What good does it do to see Cena turn heel? The situations will just reverse with the men cheering him for finally seeing the light and kids hating him for turning against them.

Come WrestleMania 28 in Miami, Cena will be booed, and booed heavily while The Rock will be cheered regardless of what happens between now and April 1.

Will we see some alteration in Cena's character? I think we will. Right now Cena tells the WWE Universe they can do what they want, but I think we may see him have a change in attitude. He'll begin to tell those that boo him exactly how he feels about them instead of avoiding how they feel.

As long as Cena gets the atypical reaction he does night after night, he is doing what he should as a star in the company. He is bringing out the emotion of the fans whether he is being cheered or booed. As for a full-fleged switch to darker pastures, nothing is in motion, no stars are aligning, any glimmer of light that might have been present has faded away. The atmosphere that is created when Cena comes to the ring is a unique reaction that will probably never be duplicated.