WWE: Wrestlemania's Ultimate Good Guy

Raymond TursherCorrespondent IDecember 25, 2008

Two of WWE's top faces are holding championship gold. The question is:

"Who is getting the Main Event slot?"

Keep in mind that the titles may change before Wrestlemania.

A good question, because in reality, Hardy and Cena are almost equaled in popularity. Jeff gets more of the adult range fans, and John gets a little more of the kids range, with a good amount of adults.

The fact is, the main event will probably depend on the challenger.

Jeff Hardy will probably be dealing with Edge, and John Cena is either between Randy Orton or JBL (please let it be Orton).

It will also depend on the type of match. Jeff and Edge would probably get a TLC match (tables, ladders, and chairs). Everyone wants to see it, these guys made TLC what it is. Edge lost his last one to Cena, but will probably say he's never lost a TLC match.

Cena vs. Orton or JBL would be a clean-cut match, nothing else, not that entertaining.

Either way, if Jeff and Cena are the champs by WM, or at least in the show's championship match, Wrestlemania should be fairly good this year.