Why Matt Hardy Needs Evan Bourne

Raymond TursherCorrespondent IDecember 25, 2008

I can't beleive I'm editing my article, but it was wanted...

I wrote an article a few days ago talking about how Matt Hardy needs help to actually get people to watch ECW. I was surprised that basically no-one chimed in about how he could be helped, and I finally realized myself what will help:

Evan Bourne

I've never really watched Evan Bourne myself, but I have seen a few of his matches before he got injured. I was not as interested in him as I am now, I saw a few old episodes of ECW on my DVR and saw other matches. I had seen clips of his match with Matt at Cyber Sunday, and I realized how good he is, and alot of people like him, he's a tremendous athlete.

Most people just look at him as a highflyer and compare him to Rey Mysterio, he is a highflyer, but he has some intangible extra-special quality, and crowds that watch him know that too. Evan Bourne is not just Rey Mysterio without a mask, Rey has been doing this for years, and it's starting to show, he's becoming a little more injury prone with each few years, his knees have been a problem, his arm has been a problem, something else WILL be a problem. Evan is fresh, and yes I am aware that his knee was injured, and it might limit him for a while, I don't think it will primarily because of his finisher, the shooting star press. Your probably wondering why its because of that, the fact was the SSP was shut-down after Billy Kidman, and Evan came in and got the WWE's confidence to be able to do it every time safely. Evan knows that, and that's why he knows that he can do everything in his arsenal with his eyes shut.

While a feud between these two may be hard to actually conceive, there could just be a respect or up-and-coming rookie story to this. This would have to last a while because he is a little too fresh still, and coming of his injury, the staff would be careful.

But the one guy I'd like to see hardy drop the belt to is Evan, I'm hoping that the staff doesn't just ship him off to Smackdown or Raw like they did with Punk and Kofi.

What do you think?