Bleacher Report's Sportsperson of the Year

James WilliamsonSenior Writer IDecember 25, 2008

We the people on Bleacher Report have been truly blessed. We have a place to talk sports with other sports fanatics, we have wonderful editors to help us on our writing, and we have an audience of real people to test our talent.

But who is the most important?

Who has made the greatest contribution to this site? It sure isn't me. Maybe my nephew knows?

Johnny why don't you guess?

Is it the NFL writers led by the great Sean Crowe? He certainly has a case to make for this award. When I read his stuff, it is like a true journalist. No bias, no fandom involved, he keeps it simple, and is very wise. I have learned much from reading his stuff. He also is a very humble guy who reads other people's stuff, while other writers don't even bother.

No, it is not him though.

SportMonk? He is like totally cool Uncle James, he has to be the winner. He loves his Huskers even though they sound like a silly team with a name like that.

Now Johnny, that is not very nice. SportMonk is a fine writer and a very good friend of mine. You will go to your room and take a time out when we are done here. SportMonk is cool, but he is not the winner.

Is it Yoosuf Farah? He is a great guy, he writes over World Football and soccer in the UK, but still knows quite a lot about the American leagues.

No, it is not him either.

Is it Kristin Hamlin? That girl is one of the nicest people on this site, and her passionate, and tear-jerking style of writing has lead to eight picks of the day! You will not find a bigger Favre fan than her in my opinion.

No, it is not her.

Hold on. What about Gray Ghost? Yeah, you gotta talk about Gray Ghost. 13 picks of the day out of only 21 articles. One of the main pillars of the College Football Community.

No, not him either.

How about Isaac Barrow? He has over 300 articles, and knows baseball and football to the point of being an encyclopedia! He's my favorite baseball writer!

Isaac is a great choice Johnny, but it is not him.

Bernie and Pat Morris? The comedians of the site? The guys that argue with each other on who they think is cool and what not?

Those guys win the slapstick award easily, but they are not the most important member of the site.

Is it any of the front page writers? Andrew McNair, Alan Bass, BabyTate, Ron Johnson, or Salaar Arshad Shamsi? Those guys are the masters of the site. One has to be the winner.

Sorry, but no.

I know! It has to be Lisa Horne! She is a professional writer that spends her own time talking to us, the regular people. She is just great at her articles with her neutrality and humor. She even has over 300 fans and 10 picks of the day!

Not Lisa. Close, very close, but she does not get the cigar.

Then who is the winner Uncle James?

Ok, I will tell you. The winner is not just a great contributor to the site, but also everyone's fan. He is the epitome of cool.

He is the winner because without him, there would not be a Bleacher Report. He is our very own Zander Freund. The Director of the greatest sports site ever.

Zander, I am proud to give you this award. You have not only been a great leader on this site, but you have changed my life, and probably the life of every writer here.

I live in a small town in West Texas. I have no connection to a big sportswriter or even a big city like New York or Los Angeles or even Houston. I had no platform in sight to show what I could do on paper. I didn't even know if I was a good writer.

Then it happened. I was on Facebook one day doing fantasy football, and I saw an ad for Bleacher Report. It was asking for a Dallas Cowboy writer, so I decided to give it a try.

I wrote my first article and it got good press. I was intrigued by the other writers, by the construction of the site. The Pick of the Day contest got my competitive drive going, and when you became my fan, my first fan, I thought, 'James, you have a platform now.'

Because of your site, and these wonderful people giving me confidence and comments on even my dullest article, I kept going. I am now a successful writer for the best site in the world. I have: 51 fans, three Pick of the Days, 44 articles, the Dallas Cowboys Community Leader position, and most importantly, I have gained insight on fans other than Dallas fans. I have become a sportswriter.

I know now what I want to do in life. And I owe to you and your site full of great people.

Thank you Zander. I present you with Bleacher Report's Sportsperson of the Year Award.

What is the award Uncle James?

It is the article Johnny. It tells Zander that I am indebted to him for making this website work. Hopefully, people who want to comment will tell Zander he has made an impact on their lives too.

What? No trophy?

Johnny, I think you need to go to bed now or else I'll tell Santa to bring you socks.