BCS Rankings: 5 Top 25 Teams That'll Plummet Most in the Postseason Polls

Dr. SEC@thedrsecAnalyst IIDecember 5, 2011

BCS Rankings: 5 Top 25 Teams That'll Plummet Most in the Postseason Polls

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    You don't have to read many of my writings to know that I am critical of the current college football postseason. That was before tonight, now I truly hate it. This is the worse selection of BCS bowls in the history of the system.

    Let's lay aside the championship game which is a complete joke. How did two ACC schools and two Big Ten schools get BCS bowl bids? Was this an attempt to silence the criticism of the non-SEC conferences? Perhaps. Either way, the system has failed miserably. 

    As a result, here are 10 teams that will take a free fall in the final rankings after their bowl game.

Oregon Ducks

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    Bowl preparation is a different type of coaching than any other time during the season. This is why certain coaches have great bowl records while others struggle. Some coaches are better at week to week preparation, while other coaches do well with extra time. Chip Kelly, thus far, has proven to be a good week-to-week coach but has not been very effective when other teams have extra time to prepare.

    There are two games in a season where a team will have more than two weeks of preparation. Those games come in the first week of the season and the bowl game if they qualify. Coach Kelly has an amazing 33-6 career coaching record. However, four of those five losses have come in home openers and bowl games.

    In his first season, the Ducks were defeated in their opener to Boise State and lost their bowl game to Ohio State. They did defeat New Mexico in the home opener last season, however, the Lobos finished the year 1-11. They were later defeated in their bowl game by the Auburn Tigers and lost this year's season opener to LSU.

    Oregon will once again be shut down in their bowl game because the Ducks offense is easy to scheme against with a month of preparation. Wisconsin will win this game in a landslide and the Ducks will sink like the Titanic.

Michigan Wolverines

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    I am not sure which is more frustrating, that Virginia Tech got into a BCS bowl or that they will actually win one. The Hokies were dismantled by 28 points to the Clemson Tigers in the ACC championship game this past weekend and somehow got a bid to the Sugar Bowl.

    Michigan, much like the Hokies, got into a bowl they have no business being in. Neither team is a true contender but the Wolverines are even more of a pretender than Virginia Tech.

    Virginia Tech will control the game on the ground and are likely to beat Michigan by 14 points. This will send the Wolverines falling down the end of the year polls.

Nebraska Cornhuskers

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    The Cornhuskers have been hit and miss all season long. Sometimes they looked like a Top 10 team and other times they looked like the Cornhuskers during the Bill Callahan years. South Carolina has been solid all season on defense and is currently ranked No.4 in the nation in total defense.

    As good as Nebraska’s running game is, the Gamecocks will keep them in check. Look for Connor Shaw to have a big game and Spurrier and South Carolina to take the next step.

    With a loss, Nebraska might fall out of the Top 25. 

Houston Cougars

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    Houston has been solid all season and it was not until last week that they experienced their first defeat. However, Penn State will make it No. 2 on the season in their bowl game. Houston is a solid program but this is a bad matchup for the Cougars.

    Case Keenum has faced and beaten some solid programs in his career. However, the Nittany Lions defense will be too strong for the Cougars.

    A second loss should end what was a promising season. The only question for this game is whether this will be Kevin Sumlin's last game as Houston’s head coach.

USC Trojans

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    You might find yourself doing a double take when you see the Trojans listed as they are on probation and not eligible for a bowl game. However, they are going to drops spots because they are inactive.

    The Trojans had a great season but because of the sins of former Trojans this team will be punished.

    There is an old saying that is true in college football: out of site out of mind.