5 NFL Players Whose Mothers Should Be Ashamed of Them

Gary DavenportNFL AnalystDecember 4, 2011

5 NFL Players Whose Mothers Should Be Ashamed of Them

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    For the parents of most NFL players pride comes with the territory as they beam while watching their sons ply their trade on Sunday afternoons and enjoy the fringe benefits of having a child who is, shall we say, well off financially.

    However, no amount of cabbage can erase the shame that some mothers must feel when they hear of the on and off-field misdeeds of their sons, including the fine group of young men included here.

1. Ndamukong Suh: DT, Detroit Lions

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    Whether it's the nine personal fouls since 2010, the much talked-about stomping incident that got Detroit Lions Ndamukong Suh a two-game suspension this season or his reputation as the NFL's dirtiest player, mama Suh must be shaking her head right about now.

2. Rolando McClain: LB, Oakland Raiders

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    I don't know what should bother Oakland Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain's mother more.

    McClain was arrested last week while in Alabama for his grandfather's funeral for threatening a man by firing a gun near his head, and then while he was being loaded into a squad car in handcuffs he mugged like a doofus for photographers.

3. Antonio Cromartie: CB, New York Jets

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    On one hand, New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie has blessed his mother with nine beautiful grandchildren. On the other hand, Antonio Cromartie has blessed his mother with nine beautiful grandchildren by eight different women.

4. Erik Walden: LB, Green Bay Packers

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    Green Bay Packers linebacker Erik Walden is finally making a name for himself in the National Football League, but unfortunately it was for being arrested after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, and I'm guessing Mrs. Walden ain't digging that.

5. Aaron Rodgers: QB, Green Bay Packers

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    I'm sure Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers mother must be absolutely bursting with pride given her son's success in the NFL, but I'm also sure she taught he son compassion for others, and Rodgers hasn't shown a lick of that to opposing defenses this season.