BCS Championship Game: History Says Oklahoma Is the Home Team

J. Robert ByromCorrespondent IDecember 25, 2008

OU is as at home in Miami as any team, except for "The U," of course.  But even Miami had trouble beating OU in Miami, winning the games they played but close at the end.

OU is 13-6 in Miami bowl games winning five national championships in the "hottest" city in the world. Against Florida Teams in Bowl games, they are 3-1, with the one loss coming against Miami, themselves. 

So, the home-field disadvantage has meant little, if anything, to the Sooners.

OU's first and third national championships were won without playing in a bowl game due to a conference rule that did not allow a team to go to a bowl two consecutive years. But outside of those two, every other Sooner National Championship was clinched in Miami: 55, 74, 75, 85, and 2001.

Florida has done well in Miami also, going 3-0, but due to conference affiliations and the fact that Florida was a perennial cellar-dweller for about 60 years they only have three appearances. OU and Florida have never faced in Miami.

Florida has a lot of things going for them in this game: Tebow, defense, speed, OU's recent history, and the fact USC smacked OU the last time they went to Miami—but do not tell me that Florida has a home-field advantage.

History shows us that Miami may as well be Norman South as far as OU is concerned.