BCS Rankings: Ranking the 5 BCS Bowl Matchups

Adam Spencer@AdamSpencer4Correspondent IOctober 8, 2016

BCS Rankings: Ranking the 5 BCS Bowl Matchups

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    The BCS bowl games are set now. 

    We’ll get Clemson and West Virginia in the Orange Bowl, Michigan and Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl, Wisconsin and Oregon in the Rose Bowl, Oklahoma State and Stanford in the Fiesta Bowl, and Alabama and LSU in the BCS National Championship Game.

    They aren't the best matchups in some scenarios, but they'll have to do.

    For now, let's take a look at how the five BCS bowls stack up against each other.

5. Orange Bowl: Clemson vs. West Virginia

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    No one really wants to see a Big East team play an ACC team in a BCS bowl. 

    But, unfortunately, the Mountaineers had to play somewhere, so that will end up making the Orange Bowl boring. 

    Clemson had been slipping down the stretch of the season, but rebounded nicely with a win against Virginia Tech in the ACC Championship Game.

    Still, this game could end up being pretty ugly.

4. Sugar Bowl: Michigan vs. Virginia Tech

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    The big problem with this game is that the Hokies don’t deserve to be in it.

    At least three other teams deserved a shot at the Sugar Bowl ahead of Virginia Tech, including Boise State and TCU.

    The Hokies had a weak schedule and lost to Clemson twice, proving the ACC didn’t deserve two BCS teams. 

    Michigan should have no trouble defeating Virginia Tech in New Orleans.

3. Rose Bowl: Wisconsin vs. Oregon

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    This game looks good on paper, but I’m not sure Wisconsin has what it takes to keep up with Oregon’s offense. 

    The Badgers defense is ranked sixth in the country, but still tends to struggle against tougher offenses. 

    In the Badgers’ two games against Michigan State, they allowed a total of 76 points. 

    If they can’t even slow down Kirk Cousins and Edwin Baker, they are going to be in for a long day against Darron Thomas and LaMichael James.

2. Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma State vs. Stanford

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    Oklahoma State has to be disappointed that they didn’t get a chance to play for the BCS National Championship.

    But, the Cowboys still get a shot at one of the best seasons in school history if they can beat Stanford.

    Of course, beating Andrew Luck is easier said than done.

    Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon are going to have to be on top of their games if they want to get the Fiesta Bowl victory.

    This game should be an offensive showcase and will be a nice juxtaposition to the defensive showdown in the title game.

1. BCS National Championship: Alabama vs. LSU

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    It’s official. The rematch is on between the Tigers and the Tide. 

    It might not be the championship everyone wanted, but it’s still the best matchup of this BCS bowl season.

    It doesn’t get much better than two outstanding defenses squaring off for a chance to hoist the crystal football. 

    I’m expecting more points than the first game (a 9-6 LSU win), but not by much. 

    My prediction: LSU 13, Alabama 10