Roger Clemens: Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

Pro Football NYCSenior Writer IFebruary 15, 2008

There's no article here...

Just sensational journalism at its best.

Do we need to say more?

We will...but you won't like it.

This pompous idiot Roger Clemens and his media whore of an "attorney" have all but ruined a legendary legacy by swinging at a proverbial "pitch in the dirt."

How come the rest of the players named in the Mitchell Report aren't challenging its findings?

Gee, maybe because they're GUILTY—that might have something to do with it!

If I were in Clemens' position, I would just succumb.


Because there would be no further argument.

"Okay, you got me. Now what?"

There's no punishment!

The only punishment would be exclusion from the Hall of Fame—which Clemens says doesn't matter to him.

Now that he's endured an odyssey in which he's done everything but jump up and down and stamp his feet to try to prove his innocence, the Rocket needs to just recede into the hills of Texas and say no more.

Most of America believes you're guilty, Roger. Oh, yeah—you're a liar , too.

I want everyone on Bleacher Report to go over to a window, open it up it, raise their arms as high as they can and yell....


Roger, please admit to it so we can all move on with our lives.

P.S. Is Rusty Hardin Jerry Jones' brother or cousin or something—or is the gene pool in Texas thinner than we imagined?