Reggie Nelson Hit Video: Watch Bengals Safety Destroy Antonio Brown

Hal NicholsCorrespondent IDecember 4, 2011

Antonio Brown is going to be extra sore tomorrow. In a time when the NFL is trying to make playing safety the most boring position in football, Reggie Nelson appears to have found a way to deliver a bone-crushing hit without invoking the wrath of either referees or Commissioner Roger Goodell.

On the play, CB Kelly Jennings makes a great play to break up the pass just moments before Nelson drives his shoulder through Antonio Brown's torso. He didn't lead with the helmet. He didn't deliver the hit above the shoulders. Nope, this appears to be the rare big hit on a WR that the NFL will allow these days.

Brown certainly appears defenseless to me, though. It will be interesting to see if yet another unflagged play draws a fine, something that just has to enrage NFL defenders. Fine or no fine, that was one excellent hit by Nelson.

Brown was lucky his entire chest didn't cave in on that hit. The worst part for Brown? He got jacked up on a play that didn't even really count because the defense was offside.

Hall of Famers Ronnie Lott and Dick "Night Train" Lane would be left penniless if they played in today's NFL. Fortunately for fans, it appears that every once in a while a player can make the kind of hit that drew us all to football in the first place without being severely punished.


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