LSU vs Alabama Rematch: Oklahoma State Has Been Robbed of BCS Appearance

Brad BerryCorrespondent IDecember 4, 2011

STILLWATER, OK - DECEMBER 03:  Oklahoma State Cowboys fans carry the goal post after a 44-10 win against the Oklahoma Sooners at Boone Pickens Stadium on December 3, 2011 in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

According to many of the pundits, Alabama and LSU are going to play for the National championship. Having a team play for the National Championship and not win their conference makes a mockery out of College Football.If Alabama is not the best team in their division, let alone the conference, and we have already seen Alabama lose to LSU at home because of missed field goals.

Oklahoma State has won their first outright conference title since 1948, they have only one fluke loss to a very underrated Iowa State team, that also lost by only seven points this past weekend to Kansas State that is ranked eleventh in the country, according to the BCS. Alabama is going to the championship not based on whom they have defeated, but based on the fact that they didn’t lose badly to LSU.

Simply by looking at the teams that Oklahoma State has defeated and Alabama have defeated shows the great robbery of a shot at the BCS championship by the writers. How many teams in the top 10 has Alabama defeated? The answer is a very underwhelming zero teams. Oklahoma State has defeated two teams ranked in the top 10. Just last night on December 3, 2011, Oklahoma State destroyed OU, the tenth best team in the country 44-10 and forced OU to commit five turnovers. OSU dominated OU and what do they get in return for winning one of the toughest conferences in the country, and beating the tenth best team in the country by thirty four points while causing five turnovers, nothing.

Another problem with Alabama being in the national championship is that technically, Alabama has fewer wins than Oklahoma State. That sounds like an insane claim to make, but playing a school like Georgia Southern in the middle of the season should in fact harm Alabama. No team going to the national championship should ever play a FCS school because that game doesn’t go into consideration for bowl game placement. That game technically never happened. 

There is no way to get around losing to Iowa State, but that shouldn’t harm OSU as much as it has for the writers polls because they still picture Iowa State to be just as bad as Vanderbilt, same goes for OSU beating Baylor. The voters still probably think that Ole Miss is better than Iowa State or Baylor. It is ignorance that has hurt OSU.

Losing in double over time in a fluke loss to Iowa State has just destroyed the Cowboys. It doesn’t matter that OSU destroyed Oklahoma, beat a Texas A&M team in the top 10, and it doesn’t matter that OSU beat a very good Kansas State team. All that matters is that Alabama did not lose that badly to LSU.

If that is the new standard polls are going to use (except for the computers, because that sees the talent and quality of football that is played in the Big 12) then we are going to be in for a rough future where teams from no other conference, but the SEC can play for the national championship. If a national champion could not win their conference, then how can they have any claim of legitimacy?

Besides, if this LSU-Alabama game is going to happen then there would be no national interest. For one reason we have already seen the game, and it was a snooze fest where neither offense could do anything, and a rematch would mean that the defenses would be more prepared so there would definitely be no scoring. 

Another story line that we have seen in other national championship games is whether or not another conference would dethrone the SEC, kiss that bit of intrigue goodbye. The core of the problem for Oklahoma State lies in the human polls because of their fundamental bias in favor of the SEC, which in effect perpetuates that supposed mystique the conference enjoys. 

The sad reality is that Alabama is going to play LSU in the national championship. This entire nasty situation could have been avoided if Oklahoma State beat Iowa State. For those of us who wanted to be able to see a watchable national championship are greatly disappointed.

If I was to make changes to the BCS I would believe that in order to play in the national championship both participants must win their conference. Furthermore, two teams in the same conference should not play in the national championship. Another change should be that there should be greater emphasis on the coach's poll and the computer poll. At least the AP is no longer a part of the ranking system. 

This current match up in my eyes is simply the true SEC championship game. Nothing more, nothing less. Hopefully Oklahoma State crushes their opponent in the Fiesta Bowl and proves to the country that they are the true number two in the country and should have had a shot. Beating the number ten team in the country 44-10 should mean something in the eyes of the voters.