St. Louis Rams: Where Do the Rams Go from Here?

David Heeb@@DavidHeebCorrespondent IDecember 4, 2011

St. Louis Rams: Where Do the Rams Go from Here?

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    The St. Louis Rams suck. For a team that started the 2011 season with so much hope, for a team with so much potential, the Rams have managed to suck the life out of their fans this season.

    We could talk about how the Rams got here, but what's the point?

    We know all the reasons the Rams are losing games—poor offensive line, a series of injuries to the secondary, the offensive line being gutted by injuries making matters even worse up front, kicking to Patrick Peterson, poor coaching decisions, and kicking to Patrick Peterson.

    It's time to start asking the question, "Where do the Rams go from here?"

    What moves does this team need to make going into next season?  Here is my advice for owner Stan Kroenke.

Fire the GM

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    Billy Devaney's draft record is a joke. Mardy Gilyard and Jason Smith? Give me a break.

    For all we know, Lance Kendricks might end up on that list also. Devaney has absolutely killed the Rams with his draft record. It's amazing when you think about it. The Rams are a bad team and that means they get to pick before everybody else. That also means they have bad players on their roster and if the draft picks were any good, then they would make the team.

    Instead, the Rams draft guys that get cut or play awful, pitiful, terrible football.

    The Rams are terrible and Devaney drafts players that aren't good enough to make the roster. Are we all on the same page here? I thought so.

    Moving on.

Evaluate the Coaching Situation

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    We all know Spagnuolo's record by now. It's something like 10-412, give or take.

    Of course, I'm exaggerating, but only slightly.

    His record isn't good. Injuries have played a major role in the Rams' downfall this season. Awful personnel decisions have also hurt his record and he needs more talent on the roster to compete.

    I think the Rams should make a coaching change only if they can find a better coach out there. If Andy Reid becomes available, I'd pull the trigger on Reid in a heartbeat.

    But to make a change just for the sake of change? That would be a mistake. This would be a very attractive job for a high profile coach. The Rams have a young franchise QB in place and they have some promising talent in the front seven on defense.

    If the right coach came to St. Louis and the Rams could nail the next couple drafts, this could be a very good football team.

Sit Sam Bradford

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    Sam Bradford has just been pulverized this season. He has been sacked, hit, knocked down, and beat up at a rate that can't be good for the development of a young quarterback.

    The Rams are not going to the playoffs. The offensive line is in shambles and both starting offensive tackles are injured and out for the season.

    If the starting offensive line got Bradford beat up, then what is going to happen when guys off the practice squad are trying to protect him?

    If Bradford could be protected, then I'd say leave him in there, let him develop better chemistry with his receivers, and get him some reps.

    But come on! Who are we kidding? The only receiver that is going to be a major factor going forward is Brandon Lloyd and the only "reps" Bradford is getting right now are in the form of hurries, knockdowns and sacks.

    So sit Bradford. Give him all the practice reps, let him keep developing there, but don't expose him to needless abuse. The Rams aren't going to the playoffs. It's time to wave the white flag.

Find Some Playmakers

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    The Rams need to search long and hard for talented playmakers. Brandon Lloyd was a nice acquisition and I hope the Rams can resign him. Danny Amendola will be healthy next year and he is also a productive player. I also like Greg Salas. The promising rookie works the middle of the field like a bigger, stronger Amendola.

    What the Rams need now is a bona fide stud wide receiver, a touchdown maker, a player the defense will fear and a guy who can put points on the scoreboard.

    Of course, I'm talking about Justin Blackmon of Oklahoma State.

    If you add Blackmon to the mix and tight end Lance Kendricks eventually gets his act together, Sam Bradford could have an impressive stable of weapons.

    It would be the first time since Bradford's Sooner days that would have had that many weapons to throw to.

Steven Jackson: Keep Him or Trade Him?

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    Steven Jackson is a beast. He is a warrior. He should always be remembered as one of the Rams' all-time great players.

    The question now is, "Do we ride it out with Jackson, or trade him while he still has value?"

    Look at what a great team like the Patriots would do in a situation like this. They traded Richard Seymour. They traded Mike Vrabel. It's just the cold, hard business side of the NFL

    Jackson only has a year left, maybe two, as a top 10 running back. This means that Jackson will be declining right as the Rams would be turning the corner and becoming a playoff team.

    Why not trade him now and get some value for Jackson? Why not give Jackson the chance to play for a winner while he still has the chance? Don't we owe that to him?

    There are several teams that Jackson could put over the hump from "playoff team" to "Super Bowl contender." What would Detroit give up for Jackson? Why not call New England, who owns so many draft picks, and ask them what they might part with for Jackson?