BCS Bowl Predictions: LSU and Oklahoma State

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IDecember 4, 2011

I'M A MAN WHO HAS A 107TH RANKED DEFENSE!Brett Deering/Getty Images

I know that coaches are supposed to start politicking for their team's position in the BCS Title Game when the appropriate time arrives. Last night was that time for Oklahoma State's head football coach Mike Gundy.

After trouncing their instate rival Oklahoma, 44-10, the fans stormed the field in jubilation. It hadn't been since 2002 that the Cowboys defeated the Sooners in the Bedlam series.

Guess who the last coach was to beat Oklahoma? Les Miles.

Nonetheless, after the goal posts were torn down and the Gatorade bath had soaked into a wet stickiness, the man himself plead his team's case with a simple statement.  

"I think people have to decide whether they want to see a 9-6 game or a 39-36 game," said Coach Gundy.

Upon hearing this, I couldn't help but think about his rant a few years ago when he claimed that reporters should go after him because he was a man. And, he was 40.

Here is quick snip.

Wait a second, he said what?

Yep, he said a score of 39-36.

The best part about this is Brad Smelley, tight end for the Alabama Crimson Tide, who tweeted the following:

"I have no time for Mike Gundy. Dude just claimed Ok state would score 35 points on LSU..pass me what your drankin coach."

Obviously Mr. Gundy doesn't follow college football, otherwise he would have realized that LSU is the second ranked defense in the country and his defense is the 107th. So he may want to adjust his score calculation just a wee bit.

Coach Gundy said two things wrong in his politicking.

First, it seems like he gave the opinion that his defense wasn't that great by saying they would allow all those points. This prior to saying he thought they had a better defense than most assumed.

Second, that LSU would give up that many points, when the most they have given up is 27 to Oregon in the first game of the season.

LSU has scored 500 points to date while allowing only 137. As for OSU, they have scored 592 and allowed 310 points this season.

Gundy did do one thing right in his politicking, he acquired our intrigue, leaving us wondering if the Cowboys can put up those points.

Unfortunately, it is just a quick thought. In reality we all know they can't because we have witnessed great offenses like West Virginia, Arkansas, and the aforementioned Oregon get dispatched with ease.

Contrary to the vocal minority, most people don't want to watch another blowout by LSU. They would rather see a tough physical game that is close and where every play matters. Alabama gives us that best chance.

With Mike's comments I'm starting think about why they call it Stillwater.