Trevor Linden's Retirement

Jessie MarContributor IDecember 24, 2008

Trevor Linden's retirement began on April 5, 2007—after the last game the Canucks played against Calgary. 

I was watching the game on HNIC on CBC.  After a bitter loss, the 18,630 fans all stood and gave Trevor Linden a standing ovation.  Trevor was picked first star that night.  At the end of the game, Trevor's teammates stood on the ice, tapping their sticks to salute a hockey player that had played for the Canucks for 16 years. 

The fans were acknowledging Trevor with thunderous applause for what he did for his team and this city. 

The Calgary Flames came out onto the ice and lined up to shake Trevor Linden's hand.  The Flames showed respect & class by doing that for someone who has meant so much to his team and the fans. 

I was impressed by Jerome Iginla and his team that night.  As I watched Trevor skating around the rink with a spotlight on him all by himself, waving and pumping his fist to his chest as to say, "I love you," I started to cry.  I knew that I would never again see No. 16 skate on the ice again or play in another game. 

I have watched him for 16 years come up big with a goal when the team needed one and I enjoyed it when he scored.  I'm still not over the fact that Trevor will never play in another game. 

I didn't want him to retire.