TUF 14 Finale Results: Questions Answered and Lessons Learned

Matt Saccaro@@mattsaccaroContributor IIIDecember 4, 2011

TUF 14 Finale Results: Questions Answered and Lessons Learned

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    The Ultimate Fighter Season 14 has concluded. Diego Brandao and John Dodson have proven that they are the 14h incarnations of the Ultimate Fighter, and Michael Bisping exposed Jason "Mayhem" Miller as overrated.

    There were other fights throughout the night that not only entertained but answered questions and taught the MMA world valuable lessons.

    What were these fights and what was learned? Read and find out!

Bryan Caraway's Grappling Is Very Slick

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    Bryan Caraway was initially tentative against Dustin Neace, but he eventually opened up and provided fans with a showcase of grappling abilities.

    Caraway's grappling was very polished and slick. When it appeared as though he'd fall off Neace's back, he managed to secure the position before the first round ended.

    In the second round, he took Neace's back multiple times until he was finally able to sink in the fight-ending rear-naked choke.

Muay Thai Is Still a Force to Be Reckoned with

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    The solid Muay Thai clinch displayed in the Steven Siler-Josh Clopton fight proved that Muay Thai is still a very powerful aspect in MMA.

    Siler battered Clopton in the clinch in a fight that was reminiscent of Anderson Silva vs. Rich Franklin (I or II). Wrestling may be best base for MMA, but Muay Thai is still an essential part of the puzzle.

Josh Rosenthal Has a Good Command of the Cage

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    Josh Rosenthal skillfully dealt with a series of kicks below the belt in the fight between Marcus Brimage and Stephan Bass.

    His control of the cage was strong and he proved that he was an official who sought to make sure each fighter gets the benefit of the rules (not rushing either fighter to get back into the fight after taking a groin shot, not letting one fighter's corner give advice during the foul) while not being trigger-happy with taking points away.

Louis Gaudinot Is Not a Bantamweight

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    Louis Gaudinot looked a whole weight class smaller than his opponent, Johnny Bedford, because, in part, he was.

    Gaudinot is a flyweight who's trying to fight at bantamweight. He may not be able to hold out at bantamweight until the UFC adds a 125-pound division.

    Also, he should probably leave Tiger Schulmann's and move to a better gym in order to have access to better training partners.

Tony Ferguson Is a True Prospect

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    There are Ultimate Fighter winners that became something or will be something, then there are Ultimate Fighter winners that aren't even with the company anymore.

    Tony Ferguson is of the former variety.

    Ferguson demonstrated finely-tuned, powerful striking and adept groundwork (did you see the rolling omoplata attempt?) en route to his decision victory over veteran Yves Edwards. Ferguson is definitely a prospect to watch at lightweight.

John Dodson Is a Bantamweight Powerhouse

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    John Dodson simply ran through T.J. Dillashaw. Dodson's well-roundedness and power mean he will have success at bantamweight. Give him a contender in his next fight.

    If he wins, UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz should be next.

Diego Brandao and Dennis Bermudez Are Both Amazing Fighters

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    Diego Brandao vs. Dennis Bermudez fought one of the most intense and exciting rounds in MMA history, ending with Brandao submitting Bermudez via armbar after nearly being knocked out.

    Both fighters came close to finishing the other, but it was Brandao who eventually won the day.

    Nevertheless, Bermudez is still a skilled competitor, and the fight could've just as easily ended the other way, with Bermudez's arm raised.

    The MMA world is watching the careers of both men with great interest.

Miller Was Overrated or Bisping Was Underrated

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    Many fans hated Michael Bisping and thought he was an overrated fighter who was fed cans his whole career. They wanted Jason "Mayhem" Miller to destroy the cocky, arrogant Brit.

    Unfortunately, the reverse happened.

    After a poor start, Bisping picked Miller apart and eventually finished an exhausted, battered Miller in the third round. Although, the stoppage was a bit questionable since it was triggered only by a knee to the ribs. Still, Miller was getting pummeled.

    Either Miller had been overrated by fans, or Bisping had been underrated.


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