TUF 14 Finale: Which Coach Will Be Able To Back Up Their Smack Talk in Vegas?

Dale De SouzaAnalyst IDecember 3, 2011

Tonight, Jason "Mayhem" Miller and TUF 3 light heavyweight winner-turned-UFC-middleweight Michael "The Count" Bisping will finally compete in the Octagon after nearly coming to blows multiple times on season 14 of The Ultimate Fighter.

As if the staredown at the weigh-ins was not intense enough, both men also delivered their own pre-fight interview in which each said they'd finish the other. As Miller said, the hatred between himself and Bisping was not just for TV.

Seriously, this season could have been another lightweights season or another welterweights season, and yet the animosity would still be legitimate if Miller was coaching opposite Bisping.

Speaking of Bisping, the former TUF 3 alum's confidence seems about as high as it has ever been for any fight.

In a nutshell, Bisping has said that he's the better striker, the better wrestler, the bigger man, the stronger man, the faster man, the more athletic fighter, the man with the better cardio and, pretty surprisingly, the man who can match Miller in the jiu-jitsu department.

Bisping doesn't see how Miller can hope to beat him tonight, but just the same, Miller believes that he'll present a challenge that Bisping never got from Jorge Rivera, Denis Kang, Yoshihiro Akiyama or Wanderlei Silva.

Which man will be able to prove their point tonight and back up their smack talk in the process?

Some of you say Bisping will do it. I agree with those that believe Miller will do it, but those men have 25 minutes to plead their case.

After the fight ends, whether it goes 25 seconds or 25 minutes, we'll know who definitely backed their trash talk up, but until then, all we can do is speculate.