State of the New York Rangers

Ranger NationCorrespondent IDecember 24, 2008

Last night's embarrassing loss to Ovechkin & company didn't even leave me angry or upset. It left me laughing.

It was typical of this Rangers team to push and hustle so hard, gain a 4-0 lead and than just sit back and watch the other team take control for two straight periods. Alexander Ovechkin single handedly sparked this team to a win which had more guys from the AHL playing than regular starters. I would've hated to see the outcome if Washington weren't missing their starters.

It's the poor coaching ability of this team that is bringing it down. The players are to blame as well, but the ball always falls in the lap of the coach correct? Sometimes it's called for, and sometimes it's not. This time it definitely is called for.

Tom Renney lacks the proper hockey knowledge to teach his players how to condition themselves to todays play of the National Hockey League. Mike Pelino and Perry Pearn have been doing a terrible job also.

Thank god for Benoit Allaire, at least we have a great coach in him on the bench.

When will this all end? Ask Glen Sather. The power lies in his hands, and only his, to make the necessary changes to make this team competitive again for all three periods.

Last night was the New York Rangers' way of saying "Merry Christmas to our fans. We are still the same as we were five years ago and we thank you yet again for sticking with us through miserable times."

P.S.  To all our friends on Bleacher Report who attacked my blog entry on their favorite player Cindy Crosby, Merry Christmas to you and your whiny little star. Here's hoping he lays a few more cheap shots to players who are already down on the ice so we can see what a joke Gary Bettman really is.

P.P.S. Here is the video again... of what a coward looks like. You are lucky Columbus didn't have a Donald Brashear or Colton Orr on their team, otherwise Crosby would've lost his head after this.