Jerry Sandusky Penn State Scandal: Twitter Erupts to New York Times Interview

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistDecember 3, 2011

Former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky is digging a hole for himself that his inept lawyer may not be able to get him out of. In yet another interview before the trial, Sandusky told the New York Times about how he perceived the contact he had with children over the years.

Sandusky comes off as clueless to the seriousness of the situation, but still maintains that he was a father figure to these boys and didn’t see a problem with showering with kids he considered his own.

As if he wasn’t already under scrutiny from the Grand Jury indictment and his interview on NBC, this interview shows Sandusky as an odd person who looks to be falling apart at the seams mentally.


The most damning part of this back-and-forth with the New York Times is when he is asked about the NBC interview, and he trips up in the same exact spot. When he is asked if he is sexually attracted to little boys, he tells interviewer Jo Becket that he is attracted to all little kids.


If it wasn’t for Sandusky’s lawyer right next to him, who knows what kind of skeletons people could get out of this guy's closet.

This story has stirred up opinions amongst everyone who has heard it, and they are more than happy to voice their sentiment.


Bears/NFL columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times Sean Jensen shares his thoughts:

TV personality Piers Morgan knows what strategy Sandusky’s legal team is taking:

PGATOUR player Steve Elkington had an explicit description about what the interview was:

New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow sees a little bit of Michael Jackson in Jerry Sandusky:

New York Times reporter Joe Drape talks about Sandusky’s intentions with the interview:

The consensus among most people is that Jerry Sandusky is a monster, but we can’t forget that this is America and he is due a fair trial. That doesn’t mean he isn’t already on trial with the American people in the court of public perception. In that case, we the people have already found him guilty.


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