Fantasy Football Week 13: Desperation Advice to Make the Playoffs

Cedric Hopkins@FieldandCourtContributor IDecember 3, 2011

Fantasy Football Week 13: Desperation Advice to Make the Playoffs

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    Week 13 represents a crossroad for middling fantasy football teams in most leagues. There are a few teams that have secured a playoff spot and a couple that are jockeying to get an asterisk by their team name to denote they made the playoffs. 

    Whether you need this team or that team to lose and you to win, or if you're lucky, a "win-and-I'm-in" scenario, I have some advice to keep you playing into Week 14. 

    It's do or die time. Click below to absorb the guidance that will send your team past the Week 13 blockade. 

Don't Outsmart Yourself

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    People sometimes do the strangest things when they get desperate. Take this mom. She actually tried to sell her three-day-old baby in front of a Taco Bell. 

    Don't be that chick. Hold your babies close. Your babies this week are Arian Foster, Matt Ryan, Rashard Mendenhall, Beanie Wells, Santonio Holmes and Roddy White.

    These guys all have tough matchups. That's true. But they are also the focal point of their respective team. They played a role in getting you here. Don't outsmart yourself and sit one of these guys for say, Damien Williams, Marion Barber or Josh Freeman. 

    You'll kick yourself for the rest of the offseason if you do. And that's a long time to be kicking yourself.

Watch for the Weather

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    Checking the weather this Sunday morning could mean the difference between winning and losing. And you can't afford to lose.

    Rain and wind affect the way the football game is played. If there are gusty winds, heavy rain showers or a blanketing snow storm in the city where your wide receiver or quarterback is playing, that may affect your decision to sit or start that player.

    You may love the fact that Johnny Knox has turned it up the past couple weeks, but check the weather in Chicago this week. Not good. So if you're considering him and someone else playing in a dome or nice weather, that could be a key deciding factor for you.

    You're still here? 

    OK, I see that you're not going to go check each city's weather channel. Here. There's the link to the weather for all the games in one convenient package. You're welcome.

Don't Go Blindly into the Night

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    Now I know I told you to play your top players, but there are a couple guys who absolutely have to be sat this week. 

    First, if you have Steven Jackson, you need to give him splinters. He faces the San Francisco 49ers' No. 1-ranked run defense. When the Rams travel to San Francisco, that's about all the movement they'll get: from the airport in St. Louis to the airport in San Francisco. Once the Rams get on the 49ers' field, they won't go any further.

    San Francisco has been stifling defenses since Week 1. Patrick Willis and company will throw Steven Jackson onto the heaping pile of running backs that they have devoured all season long.

    The other guy to sit is Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis. He faces the Baltimore Ravens in a matchup that is better left untouched. If you play Hillis, you'll be checking mid-game injury reports wondering if he's even playing. 

    So while I said to play your most dominant players, these are two that cannot be trusted this week. Not. At. All.

Check for Injuries Before the Games

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    There's nothing more frustrating than starting a guy only to find out that he's not active. This week you need to hawk the injury news like A.J. Hawk is hawking Adrian Peterson in the picture to the left.

    Hawk, hawk and hawk. C'mon, you know that was good. 


    Here are a few guys to watch: Frank Gore was limited this week but will play; Beanie Wells was a full-go in Friday's practice and will play; Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press expects Lions running back Kevin Smith to play; Miles Austin, Darren McFadden, Jacoby Ford and Denarius Moore have all been ruled out this week.

    Those are just a few tidbits of injury goodness for you. Make sure you check every player on your roster heading up to the games. And I mean right up to the kickoff.

    A few weeks ago, Marshawn Lynch was injured in pregame warm-ups and didn't play. That's gotta hurt. Him and you. 

Tim Tebow Will Take You to the Promised Land

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    You see in the picture to the left how everything seems dark except for Tim Tebow's name? That's because he's a guiding light. Let him be your guiding light to the playoffs.

    Tebow has been called a lot of names this season: Mr. Fourth Quarter, the Mile-High Messiah, Tebowlicious and, my favorite, The Big Tebowski. You can call him what you want, but you'll be doing it while he's putting up solid fantasy points. 

    No matter how you feel about Tebow, the man is a winner. Let him make you a winner, too. If you have him, start him. You'll be checking Week 14 matchups if you do. If not, there's always the upcoming NBA games.

    Good luck in this vital week.