Snow Angel Costs Wes Welker $10K

Eddie RossellCorrespondent IDecember 24, 2008

I have finally given up on Roger Goodell.

Goodell fined Patriots' WR Wes Welker $10,000 for making a snow angel after he scored a TD Sunday against the Cardinals. A snow angel!

Now what would you have done if when you were a little kid you had to pay $10k to make a snow angel?

It's getting insane and Roger Goodell has gone too far. He has fined far too many people less money for way more than this.

I was willing to give Goodell another shot, but that shot is now gone.

I am officially on board with getting rid of Roger Goodell ASAP. He has made it impossible for players to have fun anymore with his outrageous fining and it is ruining the sport I love.