The Backdoor Cover: Week 13 NFL Picks

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The Backdoor Cover: Week 13 NFL Picks


Pittsburgh -7 vs Cincinnati – Pitt covered a few weeks ago at Cincy so I don’t see what has changed other than the NBA has started back. This one won’t be that close. Late season games at the Steelers are something the young Bengals haven’t learned how to win (or cover) yet. Feel free to wave a towel while placing this bet.

New York Giants +6.5 vs Green Bay – I’m sorry I’m recommending backing the Giants. I am even sorrier for recommending going against the Packers. What I don’t apologize for is the fantastic setup we have for the Giants to either pull the upset or stay close. The Giants have the ability to do this and they are getting almost a touchdown at home. The benefit of betting on a bi-polar team is that the possibility of the fantastic one showing up is 50/50.

New Orleans -9 vs Detroit – One that you initially look at and say “hmmm……that’s a LOT of points for the high-powered Lions” but in reality, shouldn’t be close. These are two teams headed in different directions. The Saints are a finely-tuned instrument of covering perfection and the Lions are trying to hold together their season with duct tape. Don’t go down with the ship Lions backers.

Kansas City +7 @ Chicago – Just like last week which was a winner, I’m going to go against the Bears every week until they prove me otherwise. I hate backing Tyler Palko/Kyle Orton here but really, I’m betting on the Chiefs defense and special teams. Seven is just too many points to give the Bears. I think Vegas is counting on name recognition in this one.

Miami -3 vs Oakland – As a Bronco fan, I’m emotionally invested in a Raiders loss. However, last week I picked them to cover when the line warrants it. This week is the exact opposite as I think they don’t show up for a Dolphins team that has shown life in the last few weeks. Matt Moore’s numbers are actually pretty good the past games and not just terrible as you are probably thinking. Trust me, the Dolphins pull it off here and win by at least ten. If not, I’ll refund you the cost of these picks.

Tampa Bay -1 vs Carolina – The Bucs cover when they can run the ball. They don’t cover when they can’t. Literally, this is the story of their betting season. Against Carolina, who couldn’t stop a zombie ball-carrier, they will run all over them. Don’t tug on Superman’s cape and don’t bet against Tampa Bay when they will run the ball effectively. They also have a pirate ship in the stadium. That counts for at least 2 points and all that’s all we need this week.

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