Notre Dame Racist for Allowing Michael Haywood to Leave

Tony BishopCorrespondent IDecember 24, 2008

(Ok, too many people refuse to read the "Humor" tag in the title bar... so I'm inserting a disclaimer that this article is facetious.  If you don't know what "facetious" means, don't read this article.  Thank you.)

Notre Dame continued its trend of racism by allowing its offensive coordinator to interview for multiple head coaching jobs, ultimately resulting in Mike Haywood being named the new head coach of Miami (Ohio) University.

As a young white male, even I am appalled at the blatant hatred Notre Dame seems to have for African-American coaches; I can only imagine the outrage of John Saunders or Jason Whitlock right now.

So now Corwin Brown, Notre Dame's defensive coordinator, and Bernie Parmalee, the Tight Ends coach, are the lone black coaches for the Irish, and let's be honest: it's only a matter of time before Corwin gets shoved out the door for his first head coaching job as well.