Put Roger Clemens Aside: There's a Season to Play

Bennett KaplanCorrespondent IFebruary 15, 2008

As you must know, Roger Clemens has been having a back and fourth with Brian McNamee.

Mr. McNamee claims to have injected Clemens with HGH and Steroids in the early 2000s.

They have both gone through deposition, and both went to a congressional hearing together. Roger seems to be on the losing side of this. Andy Pettitte has also stirred up some news. He says that Clemens told him that he used performance enhancing drugs. Clemens denies these claims and says it was a misunderstanding.

We need to put this aside. Spring training starts in a couple of weeks. As Lou Pinella stated, we are pretty close to the next major league season, yet we are still talking about events that possibly happened five or six years ago.

Let Roger Clemens go for a while. Let that work itself out. While that happens, we can focus on who is going to contend for the World Series next year. The Mets acquired Santana, the Mariners got Erik Bedard, and it's all being overshadowed.

Can the Mets pull it off this season? Will the Red Sox prove a Dynasty? Will the Rockies play Cinderella once again? 

I hop we can start talking about these topics soon, because at this point, we are not anywhere close.