Chris Paul Trade Rumors: Paul to New York Doesn't Solve the Knicks' Problems

Chris CortesCorrespondent IDecember 2, 2011

Chris Paul Trade Rumors: Paul to New York Doesn't Solve the Knicks' Problems

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    Most Knicks fans were ecstatic to hear that Chris Paul's agent is requesting a trade to the New York Knicks

    Paul may be the missing piece of the puzzle for the Knicks as they look to put together their own big three and make some noise in the east.  

    But will Paul solve all of the Knicks' problems?  Here are some issues that Chris Paul cannot fix for the Knicks.

They Still Need Another Big Man

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    One of the Knicks' biggest needs is for some depth in the post. 

    Ronny Turiaf is a help on defense and the Knicks still have Jared Jeffries, but they play offense four-on-five with them on the floor. 

    The Knicks could use another big man to play tough inside, block shots, and give Amare Stoudemire more rest. 

    Stoudemire has battled injuries throughout his career and the Knicks could benefit by finding someone to give him breathers throughout the regular season.

They Still Need Outside Shooting

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    When the Knicks traded for Carmelo Anthony, they traded away many of their complementary players who could knock down an outside shot. 

    While the new big three (Anthony, Stoudemire and Paul) can all get to the basket, they don’t have a lot of options once the defense collapses and their forced to kick the ball out. 

    Toney Douglas shows flashes of greatness off the bench but was very inconsistent last year and will likely get dealt in a trade for Chris Paul. 

    Landry Fields shot just under 40 percent from outside and Shawne Williams shot exactly 40 percent from outside. 

    But again, neither of these players is safe in a trade for Chris Paul. 

    If the Knicks are going to make this trade, they need to be sure they sign a few free agents to come off the bench and hit an open jump shot. 

    Michael Redd is available, and with his injuries, he can be acquired for an inexpensive one-year deal.

They Need to Figure out How to Share the Ball

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    This probably won’t be an issue for Amare Stoudemire. 

    He excels with a point guard who can make plays off the pick and roll.  Amare and Steve Nash gave teams nightmares running the pick and roll. 

    The big issue will be how Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony will function within an offense when both need the ball to be effective. 

    Chris Paul loves to weave in and out of defenses, changing speeds in transition, and either dishing the ball off to teammate or finishing at the basket. 

    Carmelo Anthony loves to score in a variety of ways—off the dribble, from the post, or isolating and either pulling back for a jumper or taking his man to the basket. 

    If the Knicks get Chris Paul from New Orleans, either or both Paul and Anthony will have to make major changes to their play to compliment the other. 

    If they do not, they may grow frustrated with each other.

They Still Need to Learn How to Play Team Defense

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    Chris Paul will drastically improve the defense of the New York Knicks as he can lock down opposing point guards. 

    What needs to be addressed is how the rest of the team plays defense. 

    The Knicks gave up 105.7 points per game last year, with only the Phoenix Suns and Minnesota Timberwolves being worse on defense. 

    Hiring Mike Woodson to coach the Knicks on defense was a step in the right direction, but playing better defense will only happen with a greater commitment from the team.