A.J. Lee and Why She Is Wasted in the WWE Diva's Division

Matthew HemphillCorrespondent IIDecember 3, 2011

No matter how much a fan might enjoy the WWE, it's easy to admit that the Diva's division, where all of the female wrestlers compete, is broken.

The matches are quick and the storylines are uninteresting outside of Beth Phoenix and Natalya.  It seems that the WWE wants Divas that look good in a magazine shoot more than those that are professional wrestlers.  Unfortunately, that has lead to a lot of repetition in the division with many of the competitors giving off the same feeling.

And then there is A.J. Lee.

I won't lie.  I find the spunky, self-proclaimed nerd attractive, but not just because she is in shape and has a symmetrical face.  She is obviously a fan of wrestling and has been for a while. 

It isn't that she just dresses differently or talks in a different manner.  It's that she holds herself in a different way.

Fans aren't stupid.  They know when someone is showing up for a paycheck and to be a model or a bodybuilder and someone who is getting to live their dream.  

Fans can see it because just like the wrestler in the ring, they are passionate about wrestling.  When the a wrestler comes out who loves it as much as the fans do, there is a connection.

Lee may have all of these things, but since she isn't the typical "wrestler" that the WWE employs, she is not getting much in the way of airtime.

Her biggest focus as of now?  Being in a relationship with Daniel Bryan.

AJ Lee as a child
AJ Lee as a child

This is a person who put themselves through wrestling school by working full-time

That is the kind of person fans want to see in the ring.  Someone who sacrificed for what they love. Someone who also bleeds themselves into their character a little bit.  Instead of trying to be the same sultry Diva that WWE fans have gotten to see, Lee represents something else.  She has said as much herself.

In fact, her story in her introduction promo sounds a lot like another wrestler's as well.

Her story sounds exactly like Edge's.  Just like him, she has been a fan since childhood and both also attended WrestleMania just as fans before getting their shot in the company.

Lee's story and unique look and attitude could make her a superstar, but it probably won't happen.

The best example is her stint on NXT.  Instead of winning, she lost to Kaitlyn who was a former bodybuilder and fitness model.  

Lee had become a wrestling student back in 2007.  In contrast, Kaitlyn started her career in 2010 when the WWE offered her a developmental contract at Florida Championship Wrestling.

Lee wrestled in indie promotions in 2008 and 2009, finally making it to the FCW.

Those statements are telling.  The WWE isn't looking for a female pro wrestler.  They are looking for a Diva.

Which is depressing, as a female pro wrestler can be a Diva, but that doesn't mean the reverse is true.