$pend, $pend, $pend: The 2009 New York Yankees

Dan WoodillContributor IDecember 23, 2008

Being a die-hard Yankees fan for my entire life has had its up and downs.  There was the abysmal 1980s, followed by a championship run in the 1990s, succeeded by a spending free of failures in the decade of 2000.

Signing Mark Teixara to an eight-year, 180 million dollar contract at first made me happy (to spite many of my Red Sox friends) but at second thought made me wonder where does it end?  Can a team spend so much money to put all-stars at every position and not take a look at preceding World Champions where young stars, players with chips on their shoulders, sprinkled in with crafty veterans won it all?

Do not get me wrong the Teixara signing gives the Yankees a murderous possible lineup that could be to follow:

1. Damon
2. Jeter
3. A-Rod
4. Teixeira
5. Nady
6. Matsui
7. Posada
8. Cano
9. Cabrera

All but Teixeira, Cano, and Cabrera are still in their 30s and taking a look deeper in the lineup one can see a logjam where there is very little speed and a team once again that will focus on the three-run homer. 

Pitching wins championships, that is the bottom line.  Sabathia is a stud, but still somewhat unproven in the American League.  Burnett is coming off a high strikeout year, but is very unproven staying healthy.  Wang is coming off of a bad foot surgery and has been horrific in the playoffs.  Pettite, still unsigned, is late in his 30s, and even though still a "bulldog" his best years are behind him. 

Those are your top four in the rotation. Hmmm...

Yes the Yankees will win this year.  They'll probably win at least 90 games this season.  Many of them will be in the 10-9 category unfortunately.  When it comes to playoff time though, the bottom line once again is pitching.

If the staff doesn't stay somewhat healthy, this spending spree could result in not only the demise of the Yankees organization, but also the demise of Major League Baseball.