Oakland Raiders: 4 Reasons Rolando McClain Allegations Don't Make Sense

Carl CockerhamSenior Analyst IDecember 3, 2011

Oakland Raiders: 4 Reasons Rolando McClain Allegations Don't Make Sense

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    When I first caught wind of the incident where Oakland Raiders middle linebacker Rolando McClain allegedly pointed a gun at a man's head and shot inches past his ear, I couldn't believe it. Every thought that came to mind about McClain and the Raiders were not good ones.

    I thought, "The Raiders have another dummy on their team. Do they even bother to look into the character of these young men before they draft them? I'm done with the Raiders. I suffer though all of these bad years, they finally look like they're getting their stuff together and an important player pulls something like this."

    Then I calmed myself down—figuring due process will run it's course and it may not be anything like it sounds. After finding out what the young man that pressed charges on McClain had to say about the incident, I'm not buying it for a nickel.

    Turn the page to see why. 

The Statement

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    Papscott told his local television station, that he was invited to a friend's house, where Jerradius Willingham and McClain were waiting for him.

    Papscott said,

    "I went over there and it was basically like an ambush, like they set me up to fight because as soon as I got there, they all were outside and I was sitting in the house.That's when they came back inside and they were like, 'You're going to have to fight. Come back out and fight.' I was like, 'I aint fighting. I aint going outside.' That's when he [Williams] came in the house and assaulted me."

    According to the Decatur Daily, Papscott told police the Willingham started slapping him around until he went outside where Willingham and McClain started punching him, leaving him with a broken nose, swollen eyes and a concussion.

    Papscott then went on to tell the police that while he crawled to his car, McClain produces a pistol, points it at his head, then moves the pistol to the side to shoot right past his ear.

    Papscott said of his decision to press charges,

    "[Wednesday] night before the charges were filed, I didn't want to get him in trouble because I look at him like a brother. I never thought it would come to this. What comes around, goes around."


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    I know that 22-year-olds can be wild, but you're telling me that a man that's in the middle of a playoff push, came home briefly to bury his grandfather and Papscott is what's on his mind. I can hardly believe McClain would think of such a plot at this time unless Papscott was the one who killed McClain's grandfather.

    If that were the case, Papscott would have been shot dead, not just beaten up and threatened. We all know the a lot of professional athletes come from rough neighborhoods, but the 'hood doesn't work like that.

    When a star athlete comes from the 'hood, he represents them, therefore, any dirty work is done by certain individuals in that 'hood—not a star athlete. That's just another reason why I don't believe that this was planned—so-called thugs are much smarter than what society gives them credit for, and there's no way they would plan such an incident with McClain there. 

    Another thing that doesn't make sense is how Papscott wants to say he looks at him like a brother, yet McClain plotted on him. I know that Cain plotted on his brother Able in the Bible, but that was out of jealousy and McClain wouldn't be the jealous one in the situation.

    Papscott told the local media in the same interview that he played football and basketball with McClain and it was McClain that made it out of the 'hood. Incidents between friends usually happen extemporaneously, so I believe it was either that, or planned by Papscott, but didn't work out the way he would have liked. 

    I can't see McCain getting home to bury his grandfather, in the middle of a playoff hunt, thinking, "Where's that Rishard [Papscott] kid at. I got something for him."

How McClain Is Acting

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    Unlike every athlete that has gotten themselves in trouble over the years, McClain is laughing like he's at a Kat Williams concert. Hearing people say, "He's laughing as if it's a big joke or something is funny. How can he do something like that?"

    You do that sometimes when you have charges brought on you, and you know that you didn't do anything wrong. McClain's attorney Billy C Burney told WAFF, "We are confident that Mr. McClain will be cleared of all charges." 

    To me, McClain's laughter in the picture is an indication of how ridiculous the charges are. McClain not only denies shooting a gun past Papscott's ear, he denies even being in a fight with Papscott.

    People always pick the star in the area when they get beat up so they can seek compensation.


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    Due process is here in America for a reason.

    As I said in the opening slide, many negative thoughts ran through my head when I first heard of the incident. After hearing a bit more of the story, I really don't think he did anything, so it's best that we keep an open mind about this.

    As of right now, the case looks rather weak as there are no witnesses and no gun found. It's just a guy that played with McClain in high school thinking he deserves what McClain has.

    Roger Goodell, are you listening?

    The victim's story doesn't even sound right. 

    The story will sound even worse when McClain tells his side of the story.

    Like his lawyer said, I am confident that McClain will be cleared of all charges.

    As for the Raiders, it won't be a distraction if they don't let it be.

    Just win baby!