WWE Analysis: Regardless of Who "Second 2012" Is, Vince McMahon Wins

Ray SteeleContributor IIIDecember 2, 2011

Vince McMahon's likely reaction to the hubbub over the
Vince McMahon's likely reaction to the hubbub over theMark A. Wallenfang/Getty Images

"It's Chris Jericho, I tell ya'.  Y2J: Y means the year, which naturally is 2012, 2 is the second day of January, and J is for January!  Duh!"

"It's the Undertaker.  He's a familiar face, and it's time for the run-up to extend his Wrestlemania winning streak, so it can't be anyone else."

"The video is 43 seconds long.  Batista is turning 43 years old, so it's him!"

"There are bible verses, empty swings, a ball that disappears, a kid writing in a notebook, it's a bunch of gobbledy gook, so naturally it means the Gobbledy Gooker is coming back!"

Hundreds of comments like these have been posted in every article about the recent WWE YouTube vignettes—"It Begins 2012" and "Second 2012." 

Most profess to have positively identified the Superstar who will show up on the second day of January to end "the world as we know it." Wrestling "news" sites all claim to know who it is, though they have done nothing so far to improve their typical 30-40 percent accuracy rate. But one thing we can guess with some certainty is that Vince McMahon is laughing that giant guffaw of his because we all are eating right out of his hand.

You might wonder if Mr. McMahon, given his age, had to be convinced to run vignettes that weren't actually on-air vignettes. "Mr. McMahon, we're simply going to insert a YouTube address into the on-screen Twitter logo, and that's it."

However, I doubt he needed much persuasion considering how the WWE has recently been, as CM Punk put it, "beating the s*** out of Twitter." Mr. McMahon is trying to be savvy to new media, and with hundreds of thousands of views for the two videos and every wrestling site on the web talking about them, this campaign is an unqualified success.

Let the debate continue as to whose return the videos signify. Let the wrestling news peeps continue to claim, "we know it's Chris Jericho. Because we have sources, that's why! Unless it's The Undertaker, then it's him!" (Because we all remember those "accurate" reports that Brodus Clay was going to destroy John Morrison this week on Raw...)

The only person who truly knows for sure who will show up on Jan. 2 is Mr. McMahon himself, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Raw may have been hit-or-miss lately, but with "It Begins," "Second" and whatever next week's video will be called, Vince McMahon and the WWE creative team have unquestionably hit a home run.