Does UNC Charlotte Need a Football Team?

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Does UNC Charlotte Need a Football Team?

In a word, yes, the UNC Charlotte Forty-Niners need a football team.

UNCC is in the Charlotte, NC Metro area surrounded by sports everywhere you go. Competition and sports are like air and water in these parts of North Carolina...they're a common necessity.

Football in the state of North Carolina is an awesome component to making healthy young men and women. You don't have to play football to be included in a football organization. You can be a cheerleader, mascot or a student union sports leader.

When you go to college, you are still trying to find yourself. Some have figured it out, while others haven't. By creating a Niners football organization, you're giving opportunity—an opportunity to be a part of something you believe in; something that helps you find yourself at college.

Finally, it takes money to create an organization. When it comes to raising money for sports organizations, the business and industries surrounding the college will touch so many people. The outreach of financial support provides a major return on investment. The Niners already have in place the sports stucture, I believe UNCC should add another cog to the wheel and add collegiate football. Help fill a void in the Charlotte, NC Metro area with a collegiate football team on the Niner campus.

Go Niners!

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