Sports, Writing, and Kids Home for Christmas: That’s Life—In That Order!

Glenn CardSenior Analyst IDecember 23, 2008

It’s been a great football season, both in college and the pros. I logged on to B/R and the battles were already brewing, so much so that I actually watched some college games with some interest.

That’s what makes B/R such a great site. I stumbled onto this site halfway through the NFL season. A link brought me to nirvana.

This place is ESPN by the people. Here you can find nearly every sport under the sun, dome, or coliseum. I’ve read stuff from ultimate fighting that I truly had no interest in before.

If you can’t find your sports page or sub-community, you can create your own. Imagine, creating a community and, on the spot, you are the No. 1 writer.

I’ve always been an OK writer, but here, among peers, I am recognized both adversely and conversely. I’ve written stuff that has erupted conversation. I wrote something for NASCAR that was widely accepted.

Now we get to the Christmas season, and I have to say I’ve seen more Christmas lists in the past month than I’ve seen growing two children. Everybody seems to believe in Santa. If I were the Jolly Elf, everybody would get their wish. Unfortunately, a lot of those wishes conflict with so many different fans here.

Well those two kids I was talking about are home for Christmas; I have a heavy cooking load through the next couple of days and family things to do. So, I will have to catch up when I can.

I just wanted to send a shout out to the whole B/R community and to the friends that I have gained here. I’ll be back reading, writing, picking, and commenting as soon as I am able. Merry Christmas!