Amare Stoudemire Video: Watch NBA Star Bring Jewish Culture to Sesame Street

Gabe ZaldivarSenior Writer IINovember 30, 2016

The world can't get enough of Sesame Street, nor can they hide their love of the NBA. The two met in epic form recently, as Amar'e Stoudemire featured in a short to immerse us all with some Jewish culture. 

It's important to know your roots. Far too many of us take for granted our lineage and fail to learn what it all means. Stoudemire has made no secret that he has Jewish ties on his mother's side. 

His pride in the culture brought him on to feature in the best name in children's entertainment. There is hardly anyone out there that didn't spend hours as a child watching Sesame Street. I am sure that the theme song is now floating in your head. 

If not, here you go. The short video posted here highlights the many uses of the word tov. Stoudemire promises to deliver something good from the start, and he delivers. 

Tov means good, and as he mentions, it can be used in Good Morning (Boker Tov), Good Night (Laila Tov) and Congratulations (Mazel Tov). 

There, you have now been schooled in the finer points of the word tov. Stoudemire will now be swept to away to the wonderful world of the NBA, where lockouts last longer than usual and owners are not content to merely rake in billions. 

I would continue to complain, but I am far too pleased with knowledge that we are only a few weeks away from seeing Stoudemire and other superstars dunking to our hearts' content. 

In fact, I would venture to say that everything surrounding the NBA is indeed tov. Mazel tov, NBA. You managed to save the season and our lives from extreme boredom.

I now bid you a laila tov. 

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