WWE: Who Will Become World Champion First, Daniel Bryan or Wade Barrett?

Travis SmithAnalyst IIDecember 1, 2011

Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett have been coined by many wrestling fans as the future of SmackDown. The reason for all the hype is due to their in-ring ability and the "it" factor they seem to have in today's world of pro wrestling.

Both of these men have been in classic battles against big-name superstars and they have both competed for world titles. With all of the similarities that seem to surround these two rising stars, the one question that I seem to have is a very simple yet intriguing one: Which superstar will become a world champion first?

Wade Barrett started his WWE career on NXT as Chris Jericho's rookie and he soared through the ranks and became the winner of the first season of the upstart show. Daniel Bryan was placed on the show and was instantly a hit with fans because of his past success in various companies. Bryan was eliminated off the show, while Barrett went on to win the first season of NXT.

Both men were then placed together when the Nexus made its debut in May 2010 by attacking CM Punk and John Cena. Just a short two weeks later, Bryan was surprisingly released by WWE. Bryan seemed to fall off everybody's radar while Barrett lead Nexus on their reign of terror.

SummerSlam 2010 saw the shocking return of Daniel Bryan as he helped team WWE defeat the Nexus in a 14-man tag-team elimination match. Bryan looked sharp in the ring and right away received a push from the WWE as the United States champion when he defeated The Miz at Night of Champions. Wade Barrett went into a very well-done feud with John Cena that lasted to the end of 2010, when Cena finally gained his revenge against the young upstart in a chairs match.

Both superstars then seemed to fall into an order of nothingness for a few months until Daniel Bryan won the money in the bank contract this past July. This led to a short mini-feud between the two superstars in which we all saw Wade Barrett gain the victory over Bryan.

Now both superstars seem to be in the main event spotlight, but I really had to look at both men's strengths and weaknesses to figure out which superstar will become a world champion first. This wasn't an easy process because both men are very creditable wrestlers and they can carry the SmackDown brand as world champion.

Daniel Bryan is awesome inside the ring. He can wrestle just about anyone and have a quality match, which is better than Barrett's in-ring ability, but Barrett is more creditable on the mic by cutting promo's and really gaining heat from the live audience.

I overall feel that Daniel Bryan will become a world champion before Wade Barrett because of his money in the bank contract clause. I believe the WWE will book him to cash it in on Mark Henry and become champion before WrestleMania, maybe at Elimination Chamber. This in turn would lead to Daniel Bryan versus Mark Henry at WrestleMania.

Wade Barrett will be a world champion sooner than later because the guy is one of the rising stars in the company and he has main-event experience when he worked with John Cena and Randy Orton in 2010. I feel Barrett could get his opportunity as soon WrestleMania and as late as SummerSlam of next year. If the WWE books Barrett in the right manner, we could then see a bona fide European main-eventer, which the WWE seems to have craved in the last decade.

I'd love to see Daniel Bryan versus Wade Barrett at WrestleMania for the title because their WWE careers have crossed several times and to see these two old rivals go at it again but for the World Heavyweight championship, on the biggest stage possible. That would be a show-stealing match that fans would love to see.

So I am hoping that both men become champion in the future and they can maybe feud against each other for the richest prize in the WWE. I still believe Daniel Bryan will become world champion first but overall, both men will become the main-event attractions of SmackDown for months to come.


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