Week 13 Waiver Wire: Quarterback Pickups You Need to Make

Ralph Longo@https://twitter.com/RalphLongoAnalyst IIIDecember 1, 2011

Week 13 Waiver Wire: Quarterback Pickups You Need to Make

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    We've hit the point in the fantasy football season when every team has had to deal with some injury or another. Personally, my quarterback situation has really been tough this year, and it's time to pick up a quarterback that can help now that the playoffs are coming around.

    Here are some quality starters to pick up off the waiver wire to make that last playoff push. 

1. Alex Smith

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    Alex Smith is known as a game manager around the NFL. However, he has consistently (with the exception of last weeks game at Baltimore) put up solid double digit fantasy numbers over the course of the season. 

    What really stands out to me regarding Alex Smith are the matchups he faces in the fantasy season finale and the three weeks of the playoffs. He has games at Seattle, Arizona, Pittsburgh and St. Louis, four teams that have allowed quarterbacks to put up good fantasy numbers this year. 

    Smith might not go out and have a huge day for you, but you can guarantee that he'll give you a nice fantasy day in each of the 49ers upcoming games. 

2. Matt Hasselbeck

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    Matt Hasselbeck has quietly had a very good year from a fantasy standpoint. He's slowed down a bit as the season has progressed, but he appears to be getting back to full strength after his elbow injury a couple weeks back. 

    Similar to Smith, Hasselbeck won't dazzle you with huge stats, but he's been pretty reliable. What really stands out to me is Hasselbeck's Week 15 and 16 matchups. If you're desperate for a quarterback due to injury or whatever reason, give Matt a look.

    He has games against the 0-11 (soon to be 0-12) Colts in the playoff semis and a game against the woeful Jaguars in Week 16, which should be your league championship game. Can't get much better than that from a matchup standpoint.  

3. Matt Moore

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    Matt Moore has been very productive over the past month or so. He's (somewhat) righted a sinking Miami Dolphins team, and is fighting to help save Tony Sparano's job. Moore has been playing inspired as of late, and that's exactly what you want to see out of a quarterback off the waiver wire at this point in the season. 

    Moore has decent matchups over the next four weeks, but that's not necessarily the reason I would pick him up. This one is more of a gut feeling on my part, but for some reason I believe in Matt Moore and think he has a good shot to put up quality numbers to close out the season since he has shown he is capable of doing so over the past few weeks. 

    And with Brandon Marshall playing like a man possessed, you never know what sort of numbers Moore could put up for you come the fantasy playoffs. 

4. Mark Sanchez

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    For all the talk about how poorly he has played, Mark Sanchez is actually having a good year, from a fantasy perspective at least. Rex Ryan's ploy of taking Sanchez off of some reps with the first team offense has seemed to spark Sanchez, as he had a great 4 TD performance Sunday against the Bills. 

    Sanchez and the Jets need wins down the stretch, so look for Sanchez to put the team on his back and finally play to his potential in big games. If he can maintain this level of productivity, he'll be a valuable asset to your team come the fantasy playoffs.