Packers vs. Giants: 3 Ways New York Can Knock off Unbeaten Green Bay

Jeff Shull@Jeff_ShullAnalyst IDecember 1, 2011

Packers vs. Giants: 3 Ways New York Can Knock off Unbeaten Green Bay

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    Nobody is giving them a shot. People want to fire the coach. They are facing an undefeated team. Everything seems to be going against the New York Giants this weekend, but maybe that is why they have a chance to knock off the 11-0 Green Bay Packers.

    If you put a gun to my head, I would obviously go with the Packers. However I've learned over the years to never count the Giants out of any game, no matter the odds.

    Though it looks bleak, I have three ways the Giants can pull off the major upset.

Rush the Passer Effectively

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    This could prove to be very difficult, and may not even have the effect the Giants would hope for; Aaron Rodgers has proven that even in games where he gets rattled, he can bounce back.

    That said, the Chicago Bears have typically given him fits, and the Giants run a very similar defense. The key is getting pressure with just the four down lineman, which has fallen off in the past four games.

    They started off hot, with 26 sacks in seven games, but have just five in the last four. It has clearly affected the defense, especially the secondary. When forced to cover for an extended period, they just don't have the talent.

    That will be especially evident if Jason Pierre-Paul and Justin Tuck can't get to Rodgers. The Packers have the best group of wide receivers in the NFL, and if Rodgers is able to get to his second and third read without problems, it will be another long day for the Giants defense.

Win the Turnover Margin by at Least 2

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    Good news for the Giants today, as Michael Boley was able to return to practice for the first time since suffering a severe hamstring injury against the 49ers.

    The defense has sorely missed him, replacing him with multiple rookies. Mathias Kiwanuka has been the only non-rookie playing linebacker the past two weeks, though with LT Will Beatty out for the year, the Giants filled his roster spot with linebacker Chase Blackburn.

    If Boley is able to come back, it will help fix some of the communication problems they have had, and maybe force a couple turnovers.

    One way you pull off a miracle upset is by getting extra drives and taking advantage of opportunities.

    They had two turnovers on Monday against the Saints, who scored touchdowns after both. When playing a better team, you cannot shoot yourself in the foot.

    If the Giants win the turnover margin by two or more, their chances of winning the game go way up.

Eli Manning Out-Duels MVP Aaron Rodgers

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    Probably the least likely of the three—though Eli Manning has been playing great this season. If Eli Manning can somehow play better than Aaron Rodgers, the Giants can win this game.

    With Manning coming off a 400-yard, two-touchdown performance, that may not be as difficult as it sounds. However, Aaron Rodgers is currently in the greatest stretch of quarterback play we have ever seen. The Packers are riding a 17-game win streak right now, and everything in me says they won't end it on Sunday.

    But I'll say it again: Never count out the Giants when the chips are down—especially with the way Eli is playing. If the Giants can somehow keep it a close game, they always have a chance late.