Ranking 49ers' Carlos Rogers and the Top 5 Cornerbacks in the NFL

Jesse ReedCorrespondent IDecember 1, 2011

Ranking 49ers' Carlos Rogers and the Top 5 Cornerbacks in the NFL

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    There is no doubt that San Francisco 49ers cornerback Carlos Rogers should be ranked as one of the top five cornerbacks in the NFL. Always one of the best pure cover-corners in the league, Rogers has now included "hands" to his repertoire of usable skills on the gridiron.

    I know that many people still aren't convinced that Rogers belongs in this conversation, but I aim to prove them wrong. Rogers should be starting in the Pro Bowl this February in Hawaii, unless of course the 49ers go to the Super Bowl.

    So where does Rogers fit into the top five? 

5. Kyle Arrington, New England Patriots

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    Kyle Arrington of the New England Patriots is having a phenomenal season, and while he may not be on everyone's radar as one of the top five cornerbacks in the NFL, he deserves to be honored as such.

    Arrington has collected an astounding seven interceptions so far this season for the pass-defense-challenged Patriots.

    Additionally, Arrington has defended 12 more passes. That is some serious production for a cornerback.

    In addition to having a superb season as a pass-defender, Arrington has been solid against the run, collecting 60 total tackles.

    Whether or not you agree with me about Arrington, he deserves to make this list.

4. Jonathan Joseph, Houston Texans

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    The Houston Texans won the rights to Jonathan Joseph's services this past offseason, and they happily signed him to a big-time contract to bolster their ailing secondary.

    Joseph hasn't failed to produce.

    His skill and elite ability has allowed defensive coordinator Wade Phillips to do what he loves to do—blitz the quarterback.

    As a result, The Texans are tied for second in the NFL with 35 sacks and are tied for fifth in interceptions as a team with 15.

    For the season, Joseph has four interceptions, 16 passes defended, 34 tackles and one forced fumble.

    Oh, by the way, he has helped the Texans to become the No. 1 ranked defense in the NFL.

3. Carlos Rogers, San Francisco 49ers

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    Out of respect for the two players in front of him, Carlos Rogers occupies third place on this list of mine.

    The San Francisco 49ers biggest question mark coming into the season on defense was whether or not the secondary could hold up against elite passing teams.

    Rogers and the 49ers looked to answer that question with a "no" the first few games of the season.

    They gave up huge plays on busted coverage against the Seattle Seahawks, Dallas Cowboys and then the Philadelphia Eagles. That is, until the second half of the Eagles game.

    Since that time, the 49ers have been more than respectable against the opposition's attempts to lay waste to their secondary and win through the air.

    In fact, you might say that nobody has been able to do so.

    So far this season, Rogers is having the best year of his career. He has collected five interceptions (one for a touchdown), 18 passes defended, and has been in on 32 tackles.

2. Charles Woodson, Green Bay Packers

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    The ageless one, Charles Woodson, just seems to keep getting better every year for the Green Bay Packers.

    In his 15th season, the 35-year-old cornerback just keeps producing year in and year out.

    The Packers have the second-best defense in the NFL behind the 49ers at creating turnovers.

    Woodson is one of the biggest players in that game.

    So far this season, Woodson has six interceptions, 12 passes defended, two sacks, one forced fumble and 49 total tackles.

    Seriously? 35 years old?

    The only reason Woodson isn't the No. 1 player on this list is because the man I'm about to introduce you to is even better at locking down his opponents.

1. Darrelle Revis, New York Jets

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    Why in the world does anybody try to throw at this guy?

    I'm serious. Darrelle Revis is one of the top three all-time cornerbacks in the NFL. 

    The New York Jets have struggled at times on defense this season.

    Heck, even Revis has struggled—once. Tom Brady and Wes Welker made him look silly—one time.

    Otherwise, it has been another insanely amazing season for the undisputed best cornerback in the NFL.

    So far this season, Revis has four interceptions, 13 passes defended and 39 tackles.

    Not only does Revis have all the technique in the world, he also possesses amazing physical talents as well.

    He has enough speed to keep up with any wide receiver, he can swivel his hips faster than a Flamenco dancer, and Revis can catch the football.

    He is simply the best.